Aching Joints, How They Can Renew Your Life

aching joints

I have been through an extraordinary journey of pain, with severe aching joints.

Pain made me worried about the future, about my age, but it turned out to be about control, internal control, and the slow release of that is letting the pain go. That letting go is creating a feeling inside me which is amazing.

The Onset of Aching Joints

It started with a trip to India. I had Delhi-Belly for a week, nothing unusual there. After I felt the usual flu like symptoms of muscle and joint pain. This was not serious and didn’t concern me too much, apart from the annoyance of it.

I went on to Bali and started to experience serious pain in my spine and particularly in my wrists and hands. My hands became swollen and I lost the ability to close my fists. My whole body became subject to a flow of joint/muscle pain that made me walk like an old man. Wow, this was getting serious.

What about Homeopathy?

The symptoms were like Rheumatoid-Arthritis – that was scary, particularly as there is no cure. What did this mean for me and the future. I tried vitamins, giving up coffee, all to no effect.

I went back to Europe and, I went to see a Homeopath in Holland. He looked at my history, my life, my symptoms and me and suggested that this was all about control. What had happened to my hands was typical of the tension created when trying to control yourself.

At the time I was going through an amazing shift in life conditions and consciousness. He suggested that something within me was refusing to let go. My tendency towards control had been so internalised that it was refusing to let go.

He prescribed me Nux Vomica to help start the process of release. There was an amazing initial process of release which was quite dramatic and then it all settled down, the pain continued. He further prescribed me Rhus Tux to deal with the pain.


Back in Bali Urmila had tried to take me through a process we both know well called emMatrix. This works on the basis that all pain, whether emotional or physical, is there to serve us. It is there to communicate with us and help us to deal with issues that we have buried, often deep down.

We pursued the pains in my body and became stuck on the tooth ache I was experiencing at the same time. I was full of resistance, I couldn’t get beyond the idea that the toothache was just a physical pain. I refused to let myself accept or understand what was going on. So we left it there.

Nutrition and Network Care?

Soon afterwards I went to Melbourne and went to see Dr Ari Diskin, a Chiropractor who specialises in Network Care. He immediately commented that I drank a lot of Orange Juice, perhaps there was a nutritional base to the problem. He recommended cutting out acids, such as OJ and sugars. I should also avoid members of the nightshade family, tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines and peppers.

I implemented his ideas and within a few days the pain started easing. In giving me care Ari Diskin again focused on my letting go of issues and the past.

He put me through an intensive three week programme which worked on the tensions I had locked into my spine. He helped me to accept where I was and let go of the past.

It had amazing results. Over the course of the three weeks I experienced significant further easing of the pain and stiffness. I ended up feeling a great deal better about myself. I found myself moving forward into areas of creativity that I had been avoiding.

The Future

So It is now around nine months since the pain and stiffness first began. Most of it has disappeared, although I still have some remnants in my hands and shoulders. I have to take care of my diet, particularly the nightshade foods, or I can cause a set-back.

I feel significant difference in my approach to myself and I feel positive about the future. I am still letting go and am now ready to carry on with my emMatrix session.

Since writing this piece in 2009 I can report total remission of all symptoms. I continue the process of letting go, watching my diet and being aware of the connections between my mind, emotions and body.

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