Let Go – Digital Clearing

Life, I have found, has been a process of accumulation. To move forward, though, it is necessary to clear out possessions, clutter, thoughts and energy.

I Want Respect: On Punk Music and Learning Disabilities

Graham Phoenix attends the first night of a Punk Music Tour and discovers what inclusion for those with learning disabilities really means. There is a lot of talk on The Good Men Project about inclusion across the areas of gender, gender identity, race and other important issues. But the topic of how we treat those…

As A Writer I Had To Find My Writing Voice – To Become A Writer

I became a writer two years ago. At the beginning of 2011 I said to myself, "I am now a writer". The easy part was over. I now set about finding my writing voice. I had to understand how to use my experience and learning. I entered the third third of my life and started…

10 Steps to one of the 10 Best WordPress Sites

'Graham Reid Phoenix' was recently named one of 'The 10 Best Wordpress Sites In The World'. It came in at number 5. This was the result of consistent detailed effort. I used just 10 simple steps to create a fast, well planned site. You should have an amazing site because of the power of Wordpress…

Graham Reid Phoenix Rocks The World

Graham Reid Phoenix has hit a milestone on its path of world domination. It is set to join 'The Art of Manliness' and 'The Good Men Project' as one of the important sites for men and men's issues. In October Graham Reid Phoenix crushed it with two new records. It achieved a monthly record of…

How To Create Online Courses

I am in the middle of the creation of my new online course for men in Graham Reid Phoenix. I thought it might be helpful to those contemplating this route to freedom to understand the process of how to create online courses. I am not finished yet so I will provide a further update when…


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