Session 1: Be In Your Core

Core Masculinity, Male Energy, Focus

In ‘Be In Your Core’ you will learn how to be in your core. You will discover your core masculinity, the masculinity you were born with. That is your starting point for the journey. That is what you will build on. You will come to feel your male energy, that drive that is deep down inside you. You will learn about focus. Focus is the first of the essential male qualities that I introduce. Focus is crucial. Focus is often what defines a man.

Journey to the Core of the Masculine
'Conversations about Men & Masculinity'
'A 40 Day Challenge for Men'

This is a unique and powerful book on masculinity, sex, addiction and relationships. Chris Howard and I opened up in a personal way and explored what it is to be men.

Be In Your Core – Video


Be In Your Core – Summary

Core Masculinity

What is a definition of masculinity? What is a man?

  • Male is a biological term. It is a simple, straightforward definition of physical sex.
  • Man means an adult male with associated qualities such as courage and virility.
  • Maleness suggests biological properties associated with sex and virility.
  • Manhood is the state of being a man as distinguished from being a child or a woman.
  • Masculinity is the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for a man.

There are differences between masculine and feminine. The three major viewpoints are:

  • The differences are genetic. They are part of our physical makeup.
  • The differences are socialised. They are created by our cultural upbringing.
  • The differences are given by god and are meant for the procreation of children.

There are a number of factors which determine a man’s sex or gender.

  • Genetic sex. A male is a male because his genes carry a Y chromosome.
  • Gonadal sex. The sex glands are invaded by male sex cells, creating male sex glands.
  • Genital sex. Testosterone is secreted by the male sex cells creating the genitals.
  • Gender role. Testosterone leaves a male imprint on the brain cells of the foetus.
  • Gender identity. A boy develops himself as a man and his sexual nature.

Accepting core masculinity is accepting the essence that you are born with. This means:

  • Understanding what it is and living authentically with it.
  • Understanding how you have been socialized by family, friends and society.
  • Celebrating the differences between men and women and their equality.
  • Understanding social norms as models created by the dominant culture or media.

Male Energy

This is the key to being a man. Many men never find their male energy. They become weak as men. Many of the problems that men face are because their male energy is suppressed. They experience sexual problems or intimacy problems.


To focus means to be completely absorbed by the task in hand and not distracted by what else is happening. Women understand the need to be focused and want to be with a man who is focused. That is why presence is so important. When you are with your woman, you need to be with her.

Be In Your Core – Worksheet

Set aside time to think through your answers to the questions. They are intended to get you thinking about masculinity and your attitude to it. Write your answers either in this worksheet or start a journal. Also write your emotional or other reactions.

  1. What is masculinity for you? Does this relate to you or to men in general? Have you always felt this way?
  2. To what extent do you match this image of masculinity? To what extent do you believe you are masculine?
  3. Do you have a sense of your core masculinity, of what you are naturally? How has this core masculinity been influenced by your mother or your father?
  4. How has your view of masculinity, men and yourself changed over time? How would you see it changing in the future?

Be In Your Core – Exercise

This is an exercise on masculinity, looking at your core masculinity. Watch the supplementary video to help explain the exercise.


Masculinity and femininity exist as polar opposites in sexual polarity, it is necessary that they do, but that is between two people. Within a person the situation is far more complex. The concept of six essentially masculine qualities and six essential feminine qualities helps to clarify this. Everyone has access to these qualities and can develop them. People live with they’re own combination of the qualities so that an individual’s masculinity or femininity is a matrix of the extent to which they embody the qualities.

There are six essentially masculine qualities and six essential feminine qualities. Everyone has access to these qualities. You live with your own combination of them, your masculinity is a matrix of the extent to which you embody the qualities.

Do the exercise in relation to where you are now in your masculinity. You will rate yourself against all 12 qualities where you were before embarking on the course. The rating is 1 to 5.

  • 1 = “I feel like I don’t have this quality.”
  • 2 = “I feel I have elements of this quality, but it’s hidden.”
  • 3 = “I feel I have this quality to some extent, but I would like to change it.”
  • 4 = “I feel I have this quality and feel happy with it,”
  • 5 = “I feel I fully embody this quality.”

The masculine qualities are:

  • Grounded: It is be in touch with reality and able to resist pressure and events around you. So there is a solidity to you, you can’t be thrown off. You are what you are. You’re not immovable, but you are not buffeted by the winds of femininity blowing around you.
  • Leadership: A leader is able to provide all his own needs and able to provide the needs of others allowing them to feel safe. This goes beyond physical needs, but it’s about emotional and psychological needs. You know what your needs in life are and fill them. You know your responsibility to others whether they’re you partner, children, employees or colleagues. You’re able to provide for their needs and do what’s necessary to create an appropriate relationship with them.
  • Potent: This is being strong, powerful and fully in charge of your sexuality. The key part is being fully in charge of your sexuality, not letting it take charge of you, as many men do. One of the problems that many men face is the fact that they are not in charge. They let their sexuality take over, that’s where abusive and rape and dominance comes from. This physically harms women, but it also harms the reputation of men.
  • Dynamic: It’s the ability to keep going, to be able to enjoy life, to be full of energy, to have stamina. Alexander the Great crossed the known world in twelve years with forty thousand men. They walked ten thousand miles, they had the stamina to keep going and keep going.
  • Present: It’s being in the moment and completely attentive to the person you’re with or the event you’re at. Its a quality that is loved and sought by women in their men. The ability to be present, to be there, to be focused, to be totally with another person.
  • Focus: To get completely absorbed by the task in hand and not be distracted by what else is happening. It’s the ability to just close in and write, or make, or design, or create, or build, or whatever it is you do. Whatever it is you’re focused, you should be totally absorbed by it.

The feminine qualities are:

  • Free: That means being open and unrestricted, able to be involved in anything and seeking everything. That is so characteristic of woman. They think about everything, all at the same time. Multitasking comes easy to them. They seek to know and be involved in everything. It’s quite frightening for a man to watch.
  • Spontaneous: Spontaneous is the ability to react from the emotion of the situation and make quick assessments. This is where logic seems to disappear. It’s just a reaction, an emotion, an assessment, it just happens.
  • Intuitive: Being intuitive is when you act on an innate sense of what’s happening and are able to know beyond the senses. It’s when you just know what’s happening. Feminine intuition is famous and is so often right. It so often gets the situation perfectly. It’s when a woman seems able to know without knowledge.
  • Sceptical: Being sceptical is when you question others, particularly, those closest to you, looking for certainty. This is the source of feminine testing, where a woman tests you, all the time. A woman tests by questioning because she needs to trust. She needs to trust the person she’s with. She needs to know that it’s going to be safe, that everything’s going to be okay. She needs to know that she can relax and love.
  • Accepting: It’s the ability to accept circumstances once trust is established. A woman is more able to accept a situation, able to conciliate, able to accept different points of view. They don’t feel the requirement to force their point of view on others.
  • Nurturing: That’s caring for others as well as yourself, finding compassion in any situation. This is closely aligned to a woman being a mother, with the need to keep her children, her family, safe and well. There’s a deep need to care and nurture. Many women focus their lives in this area.

All of these characteristics are available to you. They act as a model to help you understand yourself. They don’t specify how to be masculine. They indicate, for you as a man, where masculinity lies.

Keep these ratings, you will need them at the end of the course.

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Session 5: A Life of Purpose

Truth, Purpose, Uncertainty

In ‘Live A Life Of Purpose’ you will learn that everyone should live a life of purpose but this is especially true for men. Whether you think purpose is divinely inspired or not, you need to find it. When you are on purpose, you can live your truth and be authentic in all you do. This, in turn, enables you to live in uncertainty and embrace it. Uncertainty demands vulnerability. Vulnerability that is not weak but strong. It is the vulnerability that enables you to stand up without fear.


A Life Of Purpose – Summary


Seeking after truth is really seeking after growing confidence, openness and love. Not knowing what you want, what you have, where you are going leaves you rudderless and directionless because you don’t know the truth. The truth you are seeking is inside.

To change is to become something you don’t yet fully understand. To grow is to become something new and something unknown. To move forward you need to be able to accept the uncertainty of that uncharted territory. To progress into this in full knowledge that you don’t know where the future will lead is next to exciting and the sign of a great leader, of someone who has their life in their hands.

Recognizing that you’re important is an essential part of being a man. Seeing this enables you to speak your own personal truth, no matter what it is. What does matter is that you own it and speak it, and take action on it.


Our purpose isn’t to arrive at a destination where we find inspiration, as the purpose of dancing isn’t to end up at a particular spot on the floor. The purpose of dancing and life is to enjoy every moment and step, regardless of where we are when the music ends.

When you allow it, your life’s purpose will emerge over time as the by product of the joy, space, clarity created by spending your days engaged in what’s meaningful and rewarding.

Finding your purpose and getting it right is not important, taking the journey is. What you need to do is pursue all the little things that come together to make up your purpose. There is a unique answer to the question of why you’re here. The words that describe it resonate with you deeply. You need to live it day by day until it shifts from a thought into an actuality.


It is the point at which you decide to step into uncertainty that the future of your life is determined.

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.

The key to masculinity is uncertainty. Accepting this shows a level of self-knowledge and courage that makes a man trustworthy. It makes a man powerful, because he can take the shifts and swirls of uncertainty that rage in this world, and still be left standing.

Once you step up to your truth, your purpose, you need to go out into the world without knowing what the result is going to be. This vulnerability that is stimulating, exhilarating and exciting will feed into the rest of your life and into your relationship.

Uncertainty is one of the six universal basic human needs identified by Tony Robbins. We are defined by the way we fulfil them and their order of importance. Adequate fulfilment of all six needs is needed to feel complete.

Needs of the Personality:

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Connection and love

Needs of the Spirit:

  1. Growth
  2. Contribution

A Life Of Purpose – Worksheet

t aside time to think through your answers to the questions. They are intended to get you thinking about truth and uncertainty. Write your answers either in this worksheet or start a journal. Also write your emotional or other reactions.

  1. To what extent is your life in line with your ‘truth’? Are you just following your nose or are you focused?
  2. Do you do what you say you will do? Do you follow through? Do you do what you want or ask others to do, do you honour what you say to others?
  3. How much certainty do you crave? What do you need in your life?
  4. How much do you embrace uncertainty? To what extent can you integrate this as part of your life?

A Life Of Purpose – Exercise

Discover Your Life Purpose

How do you discover your real purpose in life? I’m not talking about your job, your daily responsibilities, or even your long-term goals. I mean the real reason why you’re here at all — the very reason you exist.

If you want to discover your true purpose in life, you must first empty your mind of all the false purposes you’ve been taught (including the idea that you may have no purpose at all).

Here’s what to do:

  1. Take out a blank sheet of paper or open up a word processor where you can type (I prefer the latter because it’s faster).
  2. Write at the top, “What is my true purpose in life?”
  3. Write an answer (any answer) that pops into your head. It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. A short phrase is fine.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you write the answer that makes you cry. This is your purpose.

Usually it takes 15-20 minutes to clear your head of all the clutter and the social conditioning about what you think your purpose in life is. The false answers will come from your mind and your memories. But when the true answer finally arrives, it will feel like it’s coming to you from a different source entirely.

As you go through this process, some of your answers will be very similar. You may even re-list previous answers. Then you might head off on a new tangent and generate 10-20 more answers along some other theme. And that’s fine. You can list whatever answer pops into your head as long as you just keep writing.

At some point during the process (typically after about 50-100 answers), you may want to quit and just can’t see it converging. You may feel the urge to get up and make an excuse to do something else. That’s normal. Push past this resistance, and just keep writing. The feeling of resistance will eventually pass.

When you find your own unique answer to the question of why you’re here, you will feel it resonate with you deeply. The words will seem to have a special energy to you, and you will feel that energy whenever you read them.

Discovering your purpose is the easy part. The hard part is keeping it with you on a daily basis and working on yourself to the point where you become that purpose.

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