Authentic Manhood

Authentic Manhood – Know Yourself As A Man

The better you know yourself the more likely you are to do what matters. Study your strengths, know your weaknesses, identify your values, define your success, learn the things that excite and those that terrify you. It is easy to focus on our weaknesses, or what we perceive as our weaknesses. Do we do enough…

Authentic Manhood – Have Your Own Standards

How often have you sought the approval of others rather than of yourself? How often have you tried to fit into other people's rules, and found failure? It is time to dance to your own music and succeed. Everyone has different definitions of success and masculinity. Do not compare yourself to others. You’ll either feel…

Authentic Manhood – Understand Your Influences

This is the second step in the Graham Reid Phoenix Manifesto, which is intended to bring men together in a new movement. Understanding your influences is the start of your growing awareness. As a man, your father is important to you. Whether you know him or not. In my mentoring programme for men one the…


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