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How To Love A Man – 10 Easy Steps For Women

A month ago I wrote a popular post about "How To Love A Woman - 10 Ways A Man Can Love" with my recommendations to men on how to love their woman.

In it I said, “How often do you hear men say, “My wife doesn’t understand me.” What they really mean is, “I don’t understand my wife.”

There was lively discussion on that point, in particular, and a female commenter turned the tables saying,

“I’m sure plenty of women don’t understand men, and they could do well to try and listen more rather than think it’s all about them. Big assumption goes on in many places that men don’t have to be understood, they just want one thing etc.”.

While agreeing with her I felt that this is for a woman to talk about, not for man. I see my aim here is to help men understand themselves and women.

She went on to say,

“Who is better qualified to talk about what a man needs than a man? How can women learn if men don’t speak up? I don’t see much about that. Not that any one man can speak for all men, but I would love to see more men speak up. Maybe in the future we’ll see a post from you about what women need to know about men, about how to love a man?”

Being a man I couldn’t fail to rise to the challenge, so here’s the lowdown for women on how to love a man:

How To Love A Man

1. Start by Loving Yourself

As I said to the men, this is not being selfish. If you are unable to love yourself you are unable to love someone else.

Women often have trouble with this because they spend too much time loving others. They can airbrush themselves out of the picture and use up all their love on their man, their children and others.

Loving yourself is the basis of life and the basis of a balanced personality. How can you take another’s love for you seriously if you don’t belief you are worth loving?

2. Just Love Him For Himself

Men have many qualities we love, perhaps they’re strong, or sexy, or inspirational, or funny, or even rich. Understand that this is not why you love him, you love him just because of him, nothing else.

Your love is not conditional, it is not based on any special qualities. You love him.

Men, however, often think that it’s their special blend of qualities that attracts you. Encourage your man to understand that it’s not those qualities but their being themselves that you love. This is so crucial in knowing how to love a man.

3. Live In Your Femininity

Whilst you may want to impress the man you love you must not stop being the woman you are. Your love should come from inside yourself, from your very soul. The love must be part of your femininity — however you express it — and be part of how you live.

Remain just who you are, be the woman he met and fell in love with, that’s how to love a man.

He finds excitement in your femininity, particularly when it laced with love. Don’t ever let him down.

4. Don’t Be His Mother

Men often retain a bond with their mother and like to be looked after by them. Don’t drift into being his mother or try to supercede her. He needs you as a lover.

Women can end up just taking care of their man and men accept this. This is potentially disastrous. He doesn’t really want this from you.

This is especially true after you have children. Take care you still treat him as your lover, this will be what he is missing.

5. Get To Know Him

How often do you feel a man drift away from you saying, “my wife doesn’t understand me”. Don’t let him go there, understand him.

Love can only grow and deepen through understanding. You can never get to the point where you think you know everything about him.

You may think a man is simple, in fact he is a complex person that even he doesn’t understand.

You need to love him and get to know him with patience and determination, this is a key to how to love a man.

6. Count Your Blessings

That means the blessings you have together, the things you have achieved together, all that you are as a couple.

This should be a regular part of your life together. It’s ok to recount the great things in the past but this should be tempered with looking at the amazing things you are going to do in the future.

As a rule of thumb it is advisable to expect a future way beyond one that you can imagine. Expectations can lead to frustration if they limit you, expecting them to go way beyond is a good step into the future.

7. Give Him Space

Whilst a woman often needs attention, a man needs space and time. Men thrive on being focused and directed and sometimes need to clear their minds to focus on what is important to them at that moment. Accept it may not be you.

It can be important to give him time to respond to a situation. Women often respond immediately, instinctively, but a man can take more time, to reflect and formulate a response. Understand this and give him the time, don’t jump in.

There are times, also, when men need space just to be… well, nothing. Men thrive on periods of emptiness, allow them that. Get this right and you will really know how to love a man.

8. Receive As Well As Give

Love is about giving more than receiving but if you give too much you close off the channel for love.

It is crucial that you are able to receive the love that is offerred to you by him otherwise it quickly dies. It may not come in the form you expect, look out for it, however subtle, and accept it in the spirit it was given.

Don’t shower him with more love than he can receive.

Give him time to respond.

9. Make Him Feel Amazing

Men need to feel good about themselves and often don’t. They may live in their power but not be convinced by it.

Make him feel he deserves it, make him realise he is the man he would like to be.

It’s important to do this from a genuine appreciation of him and his qualities.

He should believe what you say otherwise everything disappears.

Inspire him to be more of himself. You have to understand this to know how to love a man.

10. Start Afresh Each Day

I talked about this in, “How do You Keep it Fresh? – 10 Steps to Heaven“. I said,

“Start again as if it was the first day of the relationship. Welcome her into your world and look forward to your day together. Give her your love and tell her you love her. Do it again in a different way and repeat. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you where to go from here.”

This applies equally to you and your man. The refreshing of your love will keep it alive and bring you closer to each other. Through this your love will deepen and become an essential part of everyday you spend together.

As a woman you will succeed if make your man feel amazing. Inspire him to feel more of himself, then he will feel like a man.

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  1. Thank you for this article, Mr. Phoenix. I searched for it because I love a man who was severely neglected by his parents and then a string of foster parents. The amount energy he has put into therapy to overcome these losses, and the achievements of his life are part of why I respect, admire and love him so much.

    However, I got divorced 2 decades ago and single-handedly raised our daughter, ran a company, built my career, managed employees, handled home ownership, paid all the bills, etc. Although my original nature was to be feminine, I feel I’ve forgotten how. My own mother is very much the Supreme Leader of the family and now directs all that intense control-freaky mother on my poor stepfather.

    The model of yielding, loving, trusting, being allowed to be a woman is something I really have a hard time with now. The man I love insists on being the male and exhibits classic male characteristics.

    I feel confused about how to respond to his strength, as much as I crave it. And the compassionate part of me just wants to show him how much he can be loved, in the most tender, gentle way possible. He’s already had two women divorce him – I have been forewarned – but I still long to be in his life.

    It’s not logical. It’s probably not even based on emotional health. “Opposites attract, but similarities stay together.”
    Your article led me to decide that I am going to interact with this man with my eyes wide open…and my heart…and see what happens. Thank you so much.


  2. i am d woman in d relationship but i feel like d man.. i am d one that needs space,i am the one that doesnt understand why there soo much emotional attachment from him and none from me.. why he wont stop asking me if i love him … when we are just starting!!sooo am i too hardhearted for this soft man who is obviously d weaker person in ds relationship?


  3. I have been having a problem with my man.I usually complain of not loving me and yet it was me wjo didn’t give time as #5.My lover used to keep silence when I quarrel untill I feel may be am fkrcing him to love me.Then I was confused that why does he not ruuning away from me and search another girl? But I realised that he understands me. But today have been opened the closed eyes.Thank you very much Graham for helping me and others. I believe I will get love from my man after giving him time and space.


  4. I am in my 20s and he’s in his 30s as far as a relationship I know what I want, as for him he has been taught what to want in a relationship such as being fully submitted to.As me being young I don’t know how to be submissive,I love this man but at times I think about giving up because I don’t know how to be the women for him.


  5. Thank you so much Graham,This is like a blessing to me..I love most no 10,which emphasis most to Start aflesh each day.


  6. I wish I had read this post two weeks ago, when I ended what seemed like the best and the longest relationship I ever had. We went from friends to lovers, at least that’s what I thought, but turned out it was me that fell in love and got burned whereas he was still only my greatest friend. Being a woman I raced ahead whilst he, a man, was at a steady pace far behind me in the relationship journey. Had I read this post earlier I would have realised and stopped, giving him a chance to catch up maybe. Points 5. “Get To Know Him, You need to love him and get to know him with patience and determination, this is a key to how to love a man”. opened my eyes to how impatient I was, when he said he needs some time, that it’s all too overwhelming. Point 7. “Give Him Space, Whilst a woman often needs attention, a man needs space and time. Men thrive on being focused and directed and sometimes need to clear their minds to focus on what is important to them at that moment. Accept it may not be you. It can be important to give him time to respond to a situation. Women often respond immediately, instinctively, but a man can take more time, to reflect and formulate a response. Understand this and give him the time, don’t jump in”. Made me want to kick myself, for not giving him the space he needed and time he required to understand the situation he was in. Instead of giving him all that I gave him an ultimatum and although I didn’t jump in, as I don’t do chasing and pleasing, I simply walked away.

    Today I sit here reading your eye opening post, having lost a friend and my possible future. I just wish there was something that I could do now that I have realised my mistake. I am a very proud woman and he’s a very stubborn man, if I go back I will lose my self respect and as for him he is never one to call me or say that he wants me back. Things will never be the same. So maybe its love lost on our ends. But I thank you for your great insight for me to know and learn from.


    1. Thank you for that, Robin. I would say that it’s never too late to go back and start again. If you do love each other there is nothing to be lost by swallowing pride, indeed it could be the catalyst needed to create a great relationship.

      If this doesn’t work you have learned a lot for next time.


    2. I think you should go back to him, apologize and take it slow this time around. It’s never to late to star over.


  7. A balance must be made between a man’s need for space and a woman’s for attention. I find men are selfish about when they give attention and go.for their space. If poorly timed or not communicated, it looks like withdrawal


      1. Im stone hearted girl…i curse myself not to love..what cN I do..pls help me..give me some advics..thank


        1. You need to start by loving yourself. Stop being self-critical. Take baby steps at first, but find a way to lok at and love yourself. Until you can do that you will find it difficult to love another.


  8. Some great tips here, Graham. Fun that you got some inspiration from my remarks!

    I think of all the tips #5, Get to know him, is probably the most useful because getting to know the individual man is most important, in my opinion, not only for the reasons you mention, but also to see how the other tips may apply or to what degree and so on. That would especially count right from the beginning, before commitments are made because, if this isn’t possible, then there’s not much point moving forward.

    On #4-A lot of women I’ve known complain about men expecting them to be a mother to them. In my opinion, if women wouldn’t be like a mother to a man in the first place, then they wouldn’t be complaining about things like picking up his dirty clothes or feeling like house help rather than a lover later on. Let the dirty socks lay there, I say, and treat one another as equals. You’re not his mother.

    I like the little pictures that illustrate each point! Great job 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment, Leah, and for the inspiration. You’re right about treating each other as equals, both men and women often expect too much of each other and, as a result, trash the relationship.


  9. Thanks Graham for writing this article and sharing from a man’s perspective what we need to be loved by a woman.

    For me, the 2 key steps that stick out are about giving a man space and making him feel amazing.

    So often I see relationships struggling when the man feels tied down, suffocated and where he is made to feel that he just can’t do anything right!

    Graham, your two article for both men and women are going to dramatically transform relationships between men and women:-)


    1. Arvind, thank you so much for that. I agree about the two key steps you highlight. The space issue is crucial for men and often forgotten or mocked by women.

      I am grateful for your support.


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