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lent meditation

Lent Meditation Series 2015

A time of self-examination and reflection based on body, mind and spirit.

Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday andLent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. It is time for a lent meditation.

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When Was Your Spiritual Awareness Last Challenged?

When did you last see your life from a completely different perspective? When did you last wonder where your life was going?

A Spiritual Warrior embraces noble personal attributes and strengths, he is someone who masters himself, overcomes personal desire, moral issues, and all weaknesses of character. He is someone who embraces a journey of self discovery so he can inspire others as well as enlighten himself.

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Grateful People and Ungrateful People

“There’s no greater difference between men than between grateful people and ungrateful people.” (R H Blyth)

I am at the end of the launch window for “How To Love A Woman’. There have been some amazing responses, one’s that have touched me deeply. Yet economically this is not going to enable me to retire. What matters to me? What’s important? Why am I doing it?

Let me put it into context. I received a comment to one of the videos where Alun told the story of his marriage and the issues that he and his wife are dealing with. He finished,

“So for me Graham, this program has arrived by fate in time hopefully to get our lives back on track and to open a new chapter in our lives.”

Alun hit right to the very core of what the programme is all about. It’s about helping men turn themselves and their marriage round so they can create amazing lives for themselves and their wives. Continue reading →

Masculine Characteristics – A New Approach

The way for us to move forward as men is to develop our own norms based on our core masculine characteristics and our response to cultural conditioning not based on the dominant cultural norms; that is create our own personal masculinity.

What is this masculinity? What are the core masculine qualities? How can we create it? As men we are brought up more by our mothers than our fathers and at a certain point in our childhood we are faced with moving away from the feminine perspective to develop our own approach to the world, our masculinity.

This move away from the feminine was achieved in tribal societies through initiation and ceremony. In modern society we have lost this blunting our access to our masculine characteristics and making the shift more problematic and painful. The lack of involvement of fathers in this process makes the situation worse.

The result is increasing conflict between men and women because men either fail to make the transition or they over-compensate and dominate women. Continue reading →

Manifesto For Men—Feminine Men?

en need to apologise to women! Men need to set the record straight! Men need to establish a new paradigm! Men need to find their feminine! Do we need feminine men?

With the growth of blogs there is a growth in men feeling they need to explore where they are. Is this necessary or even helpful? What is it that established men like this?

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Your Motivation – Towards or Away From

We are all interested in developing ourselves as men and becoming more interesting and more productive. We all want great careers and lifestyles that match our personalities. But what is your motivation, towards or away from?

We come to here because we want to learn what is possible. We love spending time with others who are going through or have gone through this process.

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Traditional Masculinity or Personal Masculinity for Re-Awakened Men

Traditional masculinity is out-dated. The world has moved on from the ideal of a tough masculine man.

We are told that in today’s modern society that masculinity no longer appropriate. Equally the concept of the ‘new man’ is out-dated and in decline. The world no longer wants the house husband who prepares lunch for his power wife. This is condemned as just another type of power structure and is no longer appropriate.

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How To Attract Women or What puts Women off Men?

At a recent seminar the focus was on personal development and success. There was a greater percentage of women than men. So here was a perfect opportunity for men to show themselves in their strength, but did they...

I was recently at a weekend seminar involving games play. the focus was on building confidence and certainty in developing businesses and business ideas.

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