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bushido code

Bushido Code – The Samurai For Todays Men

The Warriors Way, was born in ancient Japan. It was the code the Samurai Warriors lived by and it has always fascinated western men, as shown vividly in the film 'The Last Samurai'.

The Warrior’s Way of strength and rigour amazes and frightens others at the same time. Men feel a desire to follow Bushido Code but the western world seems to work against it. The context, particularly of today’s world, does not seem to allow for its existence.

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Who Is Graham Phoenix?

I know the truth so listen to me!

I am Graham Phoenix and like many bloggers I have been inspired by Corbett Barr to expose myself and talk about me, talk about who the hell I am. I have also been inspired by Jayson Gaddis to be authentic and speak my shit, be who I really am.

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