Inner Feminine – Let’s have no more of it

I listened to a teleseminar today about men and sex ( and inner feminine) that I thought was going to be a step forward in understanding men. Boy, was I ever wrong.

There was some good stuff about sex, “Let go and relax and discover the truth that is already within. It is already in you now, just let it be, naturally.”

But then we were regaled with balancing the, “Feminine seductive energy and the Masculine hunting energy!” We were told that ‘exaggerated polarity’ was the cause of pain in men. The need to perform is the issue. So let’s all get in touch with our ‘Inner Feminine’ and be receptive. Apparently this is what Tantra teaches.

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Sexual Polarity – Is It Necessary?

I was sitting in the foyer of the hotel waiting for her. Thinking about what had been happening between us, I felt good.

It was the end of the day. Things were moving on, we were spending time together. I was looking for something from her to encourage what I felt. She came, there was just no polarity between us, she felt, no electricity, no excitement…

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Energy of the Universe – Does it Transform Us?

Nelson Mandela's presence is an example to men everywhere. His focus and dedication in the face of his incarceration seems almost super-human. Men, when they 'get it' can be amazingly powerful, but how do they get there?

Is sexual polarity the spark that brings men and women together, that catches the energy of the universe, if so how and why?

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Kali and Tantra – Lessons for Men

kali and tantra

In Tantra one thing has had a powerful effect on me, the special relationship between men and women. The story of Kali draws powerful lessons for men from this. I will explore this using the words of women...

Kali and Tantra are closely linked. One of the aspects of Tantra that has had a powerful effect on me has been its special relationship between men and women. It treats men and women as gods and goddesses to revere and worship. This is a powerful starting point from which to understand yourself as a man.

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Guide To Success – There’s No One Moment

guide to success

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredible communicator and an honest, passionate human being.

Gary is a powerful guide to success. I recently watched a webinar on which he was the guest. He impressed me with his sheer energy and with his straightforward and blunt manner. He is so refreshing in this world of people who whirl you around and keep you hanging on so they can extract more money out of you. He is a great role model for men to learn from.

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