Women Need Attention All The Time – So Questions, Questions

Women need attention all the time! How do I know? There are the questions and the questions...

I am awake early, she is still asleep. I get up, avoiding waking her. Start writing. All’s quiet, time to get into my flow. She wakes, comes out all sleepy-eyed, says good morning, gives me hug. I tell her about what I am doing and carry on.

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Female Goddess – How do You Keep it Fresh with One?

No, not by keeping her in the fridge, you want it hot not cold! She is a Female Goddess!

I was talking about my relationship to a female friend, talking about men, but she did not understand how to keep an exciting relationship at its initial level over time. My answer was simple, “You need to start afresh every day”. “But how do you do that?” she said. That, of course, is where the simplicity ends.

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