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Alexander The Great – Visionary And Reader Of Omens

Recently I went on a trip to Turkey to look at some of the ancient sites connected with Alexander the Great. The lessons from Alexander are powerful for all of us.

He had an amazing vision of what he wanted to do in life, what he wanted to achieve. But, as we all know, moving from vision to reality can be a trial. You need certainty that what you are doing is right and you need to be able to bring your followers along with you knowing they will trust you.

Alexander used the gods and omens to confirm what he was doing as he was putting his vision into action. He deliberately modelled himself on Achilles the great mythological hero. Aligning himself with Achilles gave him stature and helped him get total respect from his men.

He would interpret events around him as omens for his battles ahead, before the great battle of Gaugamela he saw an eagle flying high in the sky, for him an omen of coming success.

Yesterday I was sitting outside after eating lunch talking with Urmila about my plans for my new product on Graham Reid Phoenix. I am bringing out an online course for men teaching them ‘How To Love A Woman’ and ‘How To Be The Man Who Can Be With A Woman’. The details are finaling coming together and I am getting excited about the possibilities of marketing it to the wider world.

Just at that point Urmila stopped and pointed to the sky. There was a hawk flying high in the sky, circling on the thermals above the valley below.

We have been here over a year and this is the first time we have seen anything like this.

It circled higher and higher and flew over the top of us before flying off into the distance. This was an omen, there is no doubt in my mind. It shows the success that is lying in wait and it shows that on it I will fly higher and higher.

The effect has been amazing. The commitment is total.

Below is a video from the trip to Turkey where I talk about Alexander’s lesson for me.

I Am Male, and I Am a Man

I am male, and I am a man. The first is biological and undeniable; the second is in my character. To understand myself as a man, I need to look at my behaviour.

In my early 50s, I was the Design Principal of a practice based in London. There were eight of us—four men and four women. The firm was owned and run by men, including me, but the main design leaders were women.

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Vision and Goals – Buzz Aldrin's Experience

““The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”” —Michelangelo

I often ask myself the question, ‘What is my purpose in life?’ I always get the same answer, ‘To find your purpose!’ Hmm.. What help is that? How does that get me to my vision and goals?

The point is that we are here on this earth to have a purpose, through our experiences to make sense of ourselves and the world. The sense of purpose is built in to us as human beings, but the nature of the actual purpose… That’s for us to work out.

It’s easy to focus on goals, day to day needs and desires that need fulfilling or completing. I often get tied up with these. I need to finish the article I am writing, I need to pay my bills, I would like to go and swim in the Mediterranean.

For some people this becomes the extent of their life. What is in your mind right now, what do you think you should be doing rather than reading this article? Do you have any vision and goals?

What I missed for a long time was a sense of vision, a sense of a clear direction in my life that drives everything I do forward.


Buzz Aldrin, an american astronaut, had an amazing goal, to fly to the moon. Many people thought it was an outrageous dream. He proved it wasn’t, he reached his goal and astounded the world. But what then? What did he do with the rest of his life. He was lost and descended into alcoholism because there was nothing left.

He had a dream but he didn’t have a vision, just goals. The problem with a dream is that when you achieve it you’ve done. You can create another dream, but is that really your purpose, your vision.

A vision needs to be an over-arching purpose that will keep taking you forward forever. It needs to be outrageous but achievable, it needs to be beyond your scope but not impossible.


Urmila and I have a phrase that has become key to our life together. It is, ‘beyond expectation’. We shoot high in everything we do and expect the results to be beyond what we can imagine. We don’t downgrade what we expect to ensure it happens, we just let the universe show us how much we are valued and respected. We constantly achieve results beyond our expectations.

‌A vision is an attitude of mind, a process. A vision influences how you live your life, it influences everything you do.

Not achieving your dreams should never be an issue as long as you are always on the path to achieving them, As with Buzz Aldrin the danger comes when you make them too concrete, too small. Even the dream of standing on the moon is a physically achievable target, as he proved.

A vision is an attitude of mind, a process. A vision influences how you live your life, it influences everything you do. You take a vision inside and it creates the amazing person you are and enables you to achieve amazing things, forever.

What is your vision? What are your goals? Who do you want to be?

My vision is to live fully everyday, to love deeply and treat everyday as the most important in my life. My vision is to have the resources to do this to the fullest extent possible and to look for results each day that are beyond my expectations. I expect to live everyday in paradise.

What do you expect?

Great Relationships – Don't Faint When I Say Men Can Create Them

For me great relationships are part of what makes life tick, so when I became a single man, after a long marriage, I started dating again. The prospect of a new relationship terrified and fascinated me.

I found I was an expert in one relationship but an innocent as far as women were concerned. What could I do? How could I learn about women and great relationships?

I asked for help from other men in my situation. I discovered there were a lot of them out there, and I also discovered that there were a lot of women, that gave me pause for thought. We were all looking for great relationships, one that would last. The most important issue, though, was that we were keen not to make the same mistakes again. Women, particularly, were sensitive about the prospect of men relationships after a previous, serious disaster.

I worked on all the basics; understanding men and women, understanding polarity and being strong as a man.

Men relationship is crucial to a full life, the problem, though, came down to a single, crucial issue:

What was I looking for? What are Great Relationships?

This was a puzzle to me, there was so much choice out there. How do I make a choice that will work for years to come? How can I distinguish between all the amazing women out there? Then I discovered the relationship vision. The answer to great relationships, men, is simple but it requires you to be single with a completely open field in front of you. This is before marriage and relationships. Continue reading →

Masculine and Feminine – The Future

Over the last few posts I have touched on some vital aspects of what it is to be a man and the essence of the contrast between masculine and feminine.

There is a challenge that men to take up. It’s to re-align their masculinity so it becomes relevant today. It’s not about becoming feminine, it’s not about developing a feminine side, it’s about developing compassion along with strength, courage and certainty.

Masculine and Feminine – Male Domination

I have entered the Lion’s Den of masculinity and suggested that it is time we found a way to respect women.

“We can help women move beyond their fear and anger and understand us as men, we can help women to find their power and face us as equals. We don’t need to feel guilt, pain or sorrow for all the abuse women have taken in history, but as men we need to respect women. It is in this joint respecting of each other that union and polarity between us can grow and flourish.” Continue reading →

Is Male Domination An Issue For Men – Is A New View Needed?

The domination, abuse and suppression of women by men has existed throughout history. Men physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally dominate women all over the world.

Our view of the world and ourselves in it influences our view of this. Men deny it and accept it. Most men see its existence but deny any personal involvement in it, they approach it from their own needs as men and leave women to resolve their own relationship to it.

I find I need to understand this from a perspective other than my own and respond to it in a way that helps women overcome the centuries of pain and humiliation. Continue reading →

Male and Female – A Perspective

The more men come to terms with their masculinity, the more the tension grows between men and women. Yet from my perspective and my experience this movement brings men and women together.

Why is my perspective at odds with the wider experience? Have I got it wrong or are there bigger issues at stake?

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Mountain Challenge for Men – Who Needs Them

If I step outside the door at the house in Andalucia, Spain, and look to the right I see a ridge of three peaks. The one on the left is the highest at 888 metres. It's a simple, gentle peak over some rough country. A mountain challenge all the same.

It is not a big deal, but I do love climbing it every three months or so.

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Personal Power through Polarity

There are men out there who don't know how to be a man, as a result they are screwing up their own lives and the lives of the women they have relationships with.

These men float around seeking change and not knowing how to get it. They want to be released from the pressure of the society, the culture they live in. They want to be a man without feeling guilty about it… So why am I so angry, what’s the matter with me. I’ve just been to a great weekend in Boulder, CO, spending two days talking to men about men.

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How Women Test Men – How Do Men Respond?

There are three men Tom, Dick and Harry, let's look at how they react to women, how they react to femaleness.

Tom found that women usually lost interest in him. They started off feeling attracted to him, then when they acted ‘moody’ he saw it as a sign that he need to fill an emotional need in them. He filled that need, becoming their emotional punchbag. The women became aloof and were, eventually, repulsed by him. They walked away. Females!!

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