Being A Man – My Dogs Taught Me How

Dogs choose their leader. They do it by recognising the energy and the strength of the ‘top dog’. Yes, they fight amongst themselves for it, but usually it’s just a display of confidence, there is no compulsion.

I regularly go walking in the hills with a small pack of dogs. At the moment I am in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in southern Spain looking after a Cortijo and three dogs. This morning I was out for a long walk with them thinking about my life, as I often do!

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How Cycling Can Teach You How To Create An Amazing Life

We have left Holland to live in Spain. Just to complete our stay there I want to write one last cycling article.

It is interesting to look at the lessons I learnt on our cycling holiday along the North Sea coast. As I was cycling I realised that what we were doing was a great metaphor for how we live our life. Apply it and life is transformed, let it go and it’s just the same old drudgery, but isn’t that always true!

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Sexual Polarity – Is It Necessary?

I was sitting in the foyer of the hotel waiting for her. Thinking about what had been happening between us, I felt good.

It was the end of the day. Things were moving on, we were spending time together. I was looking for something from her to encourage what I felt. She came, there was just no polarity between us, she felt, no electricity, no excitement…

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Healing A Relationship – Use The Male 180

Several years ago a concept was introduced to the world of infidelity that is designed to help partners move forward in the healing of a relationship.

It is not designed to make you look good or your partner bad. It is a means of protection for the betrayed. It helps the betrayed to face their new world with dignity and bravery. It was suggested that any new betrayed partner implement these behaviours. They weren’t designed to make either side look good or bad. They were a means of protection for the betrayed. They helped the betrayed to face their new world with dignity and bravery, they appear stronger to the wayward partner.

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Where Are The Men? The Men Who Are Worthy?

I travel a lot and wonder, where are all the men? What is more concerning is that this is what many women are wondering. They are looking for relationships and wondering why they are not finding them...

I am a man in a relationship that is full of passion, love and polarity. Travelling we meet many people who are fascinated by what we have. They want to know where it comes from, how we created it. They wonder how it can appear so easy and so fulfilling.

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How Women Test Men – How Do Men Respond?

There are three men Tom, Dick and Harry, let's look at how they react to women, how they react to femaleness.

Tom found that women usually lost interest in him. They started off feeling attracted to him, then when they acted ‘moody’ he saw it as a sign that he need to fill an emotional need in them. He filled that need, becoming their emotional punchbag. The women became aloof and were, eventually, repulsed by him. They walked away. Females!!

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Sex and Control – Understand Your Dark Energy

Wow... It gives me goosebumps just thinking about sex.… It's such an important subject. We really need to get it right, men. So much hangs on this, so much flows from the balance between sex and control.

I was privileged to hear a conversation in which one woman was telling another that she was upset that her man had just broken up with her. The reason he gave up was that she kept taking control during sex. He said he couldn’t take it any more, the fact that she controls him.

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Trust In Relationships – How I Found It

Urmila and I carried out an experiment on Trust In Relationships. She wanted to fully experience the two feminine characteristics of Trusting and Surrendering.

Here I want to look at my perspective and talk about what it meant for me to fully experience trust and surrender from a woman. What are trust relationships?

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In A Relationship – Pleading Does Not Hack It

in a relationship

At dinner I was discussing men with with two ladies and whether love in a relationship is enough.

We were sitting in a small Indian cafe in Little India in Singapore. My partner and I were talking about our relationship, how strong it is and what shifts we had to make to allow it to happen.

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