silhouette against the sun

My Soul Just Sits, Waiting...

Sometimes when I sit down to write a letter on a Sunday I find I have a blank mind—like today. I think of all that has happened during the week and my mind stays blank. I wonder why I sit here trying to write, what am I doing it for, who am I doing it for?

I think of my readers—that is you—and I wonder what you are expecting, what are you looking for? When I first set out to write this letter on a weekly basis I said,

The Balance Point is a letter focused on yoga, meditation and a spiritual life. Balance is necessary to life, it is a great place to live, a great place to find your soul. I practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis and what I experience through my practice I feed into my writing. The letter is published weekly and it will follow a journey from the head to the heart, from the thought to the limitless expanse of the soul.

So here is the thought, What shall I write about?. What does the limitless expanse of the soul say?

My soul stays quiet and listens. My soul remains unmoved and quiet. My soul exists above and beyond daily activities. My soul is not concerned to entertain or inform. My soul just is.

This is the 19th letter and my soul just sits, waiting...