How Bubbles The Stupid Dog Is Inspiring

the dog is inspiring

Bubbles is a Spanish Water Dog. Her favourite game is to chase balls that you throw for her. How is that inspiring?

She places the ball at your feet and stands waiting for you to throw it. All the time she is focused on you, gazing expectantly into your eyes. You throw the ball and she hares after it, brings it back and the whole process starts again.

This is a favourite game for many dogs, so what’s the difference with Bubbles. Her good-natured persistence is a amazing. She will play this for hours without fading. The way she plays is a great lesson for us all. The great qualities that she displays that we could all learn from can be summed up as follows:

1. She knows what she wants.

This is critical in shaping our lives. Where are we going? What are we trying to achieve? What do we want from and in our lives? What is inspiring?

2. She asks for what she wants.

How often do we bemoan not getting what we want, when we have never even asked for it? Do we know how to ask? Do we know what to ask for?

3. She expects to get what she wants.

Do we have certainty about what is going to happen? Do we live our lives expecting to live our dreams, or do they remain remote and unattainable?

4. She never gives up.

Are we sure and keep going? Can we weather the rejections and the times it doesn’t happen? Do we have the courage to keep going because we know it will happen?

5. She is grateful when she receives it.

No matter what we have endured on the way, are we truly grateful for what we get? Do we resent the rejections or do we celebrate all the steps on the way?

6. She always wants more.

Once you achieve your goal do you keep going? Do you lift your Vision, re-visit your goals and want more? Do you treat your Vision as an end and give up once you get there? Is life still inspiring?

7. She does it with rapport.

Do you enter the world of those you are trying to enroll in your Vision, or do you annoy them into supporting you? Do you find out what’s in it for them, or what’s in it for you? How are you inspiring?

Bubbles is an inspiring teacher and she doesn’t even know it, she’s only a dog. Hmmm… could this be a lesson for us all? Could there even be something in the annoying things men do?

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Image Credit: Flickr/John Haslam (Creative Commons)