the experience of men with change and challenge

Awareness and Wisdom

Trust Honor and Deep Respect—Decisions and Choices:

awareness and wisdom, motivation

When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to deep respect. How can you create trust through honor?

Authentic Manhood—Know Yourself As A Man:

awareness and wisdom, authentic manhood

Authentic Manhood, if you know yourself the more likely you are to do what matters. It is easy to focus on our weaknesses. Do we do enough to focus on our strengths?

Control Yourself by Setting Your Boundaries:

awareness and wisdom, motivation

How do you control yourself? How do you set your boundaries? You must be aware of who you and what you want to be.

Authentic Manhood—Have Your Own Standards:

awareness and wisdom, authentic manhood

Authentic Manhood is creating your own definition of success and masculinity. All you need is to have confidence in yourself to fulfil your vision and be happy.

Authentic Manhood—Understand Your Influences:

awareness and wisdom, motivation

In the Men's Manifesto for a new movement of Authentic Manhood, an essential step is to understand your influences.

Vulnerability And Shame For Men—This Is Not About Weakness:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

Men see vulnerability and shame as weakness. Men hide vulnerability and shame under a mask of emotional control. How can they live in their vulnerability?

20 Steps To Authentic Manhood—The Wind of Change for Men:

awareness and wisdom, authentic manhood

Authentic Manhood, what has happened to it? What has happened to the concept of masculinity? This is about whether Men have a passion for life any more.

I Am Proud Of My Core Beliefs—I Stand For What I Believe:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

My core beliefs are what I stand for, what I believe in. My views and beliefs are clear and open here and they always will be.

The Challenge of Being a Modern Man—Can You Cope?:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

A Modern Man, is he in trouble? Is the man dealing with life a rarity? That men recognise the challenges and are working for the future gives me hope.

How To Be A Man—How To Be Present and Focused:

awareness and wisdom, authentic manhood

How to be a Man? Here is what you need to know to learn how to be a man and start making things hot. How are you going to rise to the challenge?

Grateful People and Ungrateful People:

awareness and wisdom, motivation

There is a difference between grateful people and ungrateful people. Do you have the willingness to accept this?

Your Masculine Features—They Drive You:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

Masculine Features represent the maleness that men were born with. Many men believe that we are masculine and feminine inside. This is the lie that it is a social construct.

Change Your Perspective—Is It A Reality?:

awareness and wisdom, motivation

Change your perspective, change your life, is that possible? The shift to make is to change your approach from being ‘at effect’ to being ‘at cause’.

Masculinity Characteristics—Are They Nurture Or Nature?:

awareness and wisdom, core content

Are the characteristics of masculinity helpful in understanding men? Are they supposed to define my identity as a man, or they no help in understanding myself?

What is a Man? Learn from Life!:

awareness and wisdom, authentic manhood

What is a Man? Being a man starts with yourself and your view od yourself. Your masculinity remains and informs the other parts of your life but does not depend on those other parts.

Your Motivation—Towards or Away From:

awareness and wisdom, motivation

What is your motivation in developing yourself? What are you trying to achieve? Are you a 'towards' or 'away from' person? What do you desire?