the experience of men with change and challenge

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A New Vision of Masculinity—How Can It Be Created?:

experience of men, core content

A new vision of the concept of masculinity is needed, one that brings men and women together. A vision that supports both men and women.

Purusha—Spiritual Man:

yoga and meditation, core content

I need to acknowledge who I have been, who I am and who I am becoming. I am 'Purusha Spiritual Man'. Yoga will be a greater part of my spiritual core.

Be The Man Your Woman Will Love:

men and relationships, core content

I Am Male, and I Am a Man:

sex and polarity, core content

Masculinity Characteristics—Are They Nurture Or Nature?:

awareness and wisdom, core content

Are the characteristics of masculinity helpful in understanding men? Are they supposed to define my identity as a man, or they no help in understanding myself?

5 Questions To Reclaim Your Life:

change and challenge, core content

To reclaim your life you need to know how much better life can be. You need to know what your life is and what your vision is.

Who Is Graham Phoenix?:

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