What is the experience of being a man? What is it that makes a man? Men range from being leaders to sexual abusers. What is it that makes a man one or the other? The influence of fathers and mothers is critical in its effect on you. Anger can be a defining characteristic , the anger that comes from unclear boundaries.

Being A Man—My Dogs Taught Me How To Lead

Dogs choose their leader. They do it by recognising the energy and the strength the top dog. Yes, they fight amongst themselves for it, but usually it’s just a display of confidence, there is no compulsion.

How to Become A Man in 21 Days—Feel Amazing in the Process

Men, you get advice all the time about how to live, but you are wasting your time unless you take action. You need to look at your life and change it if the advice is going to mean anything.

Obesity in Men—What Is The Truth? What Can Men Do?

Britain’s fattest man, Carl Thompson, was 33 years old and weighed 65 stone when he died in 2015. For those not from Britain, that is 410 kilos or 910 pounds. He was housebound, bed-ridden and alone.

Love And Anger—Living With Emotional Authenticity

How I live with my emotions and what I need to do to remain authentic. I am committed to clearing my emotional baggage. I will live my emotional truth and be open, honest and transparent with others and myself.

A Conversation About Men And Sexual Abuse

Join Dr. Vibe and Sat Purusha as they host the discussion 'Men And Sexual Abuse'. The discussions includes how being sexually abused at a young age affected me, and how it took courage for me to share it.

Football is a Man's Game Where Sexual Abuse of Boys by Men is Common

A new scandal in Britain has highlighted the extent of sexual abuse of boys in the game. This is a game most boys take part in, a game where parents thought they would be safe.

My Father Made Me A Man

In looking at the source of my masculinity, I realise that its essence comes from my father. He was a role model for me even if he did not display the ideal characteristics for me. I ended up in a love/hate relationship.

Letting Go of the Need to be Mothered

Many men and women unconsciously collaborate in maintaining domination by men. One of the factors at the heart of this is men's need to be mothered by women. For the situation to change men need to let go of this need.

Jimmy Savile, Rape Culture and the Lessons for Us All

I find the term 'rape culture' offensive, but in hearing the British Health Secretary reporting to the British Parliament on the Savile Affair, I question whether being offended is valid any more.

Anger and the Superior Man—Is it about Gender or Personal Inadequacy?

I look at the anger surrounding a shooting in the US, and explain how it relates to personal inadequacy. We need to understand the issues men and women face and not see them as a gender war.

What On Earth Is A Good Man?

Being good means going beyond what you feel inside himself into what you feel about the world outside. I explore just what that means. I concern myself with what's happening in the world and how I can affect it.

Do Men Cling To Their Mask of Masculinity?

I used to regard the life I was leading as a lie. My fear was that people would see me as weak, indecisive and scared. I wonder whether this is typical for men? I wonder what lies inside their masculinity?

The Lesson of the Wall — Why My Anger Looked Different to Me from The Inside Than It Did on the Outside

I often felt the urge to exert control, the need to get people to listen to me. What happened when I resorted to violence to be in charge? I discovered obsession.

It Is About Control Not Sex—Henry Rollins Speaks Out

Rape is generally about control not sex. It is about domination, usually by men of women, although it happens in other combinations as well. It is a culture of dominance, not sex. It's something we should all stand against.

My Father Was An Angry Man

My sons learned from what I did, not from what I said. They inherited what I learned from my father and he learned from his, to be angry. Manhood is passed down from generation to generation but often not as we would want.

Letting Go Of Anger—It Is Right But It Kicks You In The Gut

Let go of the necessity of being right. It can take courage to be silent but then you can look yourself in the eye and not flinch. As a man you have the power to step outside the immediate situation and see the truth.

Mens Movement—Awakening The New Masculine

Awakening The New Masculine is a new book by Gary Stamper. It focuses on The Path Of The Integral Warrior and is called a psychospiritual journey for men. It lays out his view of what men should aspire to.

Male Menopause Or Is It Just About Performance?

Mid-Life Crisis or Male Menopause? Assessing opinions, the field seems to be divided. It certainly doesn't have such a specific physical component as it does for women, our 'reproductive organs' remain fully functional.

Understanding Men—The Science And The Emotion

Understanding men is easy, some would argue; you just have to know what men want. Why do so many men feel confused about themselves, then? Why is it that most men couldn't tell you what they want or who they are?

10 Annoying Things Men Do (Or Are They Endearing?)

Men make up around half the population and the other half seem to get annoyed by them most of the time. Why are men so annoying? What do you find annoying about men? What are the annoying things men do?

Men of Action Make The World Go Round

Are Men of Action dinosaurs who cause chaos wherever they go or do they make the world go round? Action is a truly masculine quality. It is forged from base metals of focus, direction, power and strength.

Male Stereotypes—Why Are They So Extreme?

It is not helpful that men are portrayed at the edges of society. I have been looking at Male Stereotypes on the Internet. It seems to be mostly stereotyping about men who are Alpha, Gay, Christian or New!

Male Rituals And The Forging Of Masculinity

Saturday was Queens Day in Holland. It was a time when everything goes orange and everyone has fun, it was a time I experienced male rituals in the small town of Eemnes through Tonnetje Steken.

Male Bonding—Being A Man Is So Straightforward

I love seeing male bonding. I love seeing the way men simply love each other's company without the need to talk or gossip. This is true male intimacy. I love being a man, it's so straightforward!

Manifesto For Men—Feminine Men?

Men need to apologise to women! Men need to set the record straight! Men need to establish a new paradigm! Men need to find their feminine! Do we need feminine men?

Having The Courage To Be A Man—My Transformation

Being a man is about 'having the courage', not so much in the traditional sense used in wartime, but in the ability to expose yourself and feel the certainty of your self-knowledge.

Men And Intimacy—Why Do They Shy Away?

Men often have difficulty dealing with intimacy, particularly when a relationship appears to be out of their control. The interesting part of the issue of men and intimacy is that many men have difficulty with this.

I Believe in Masculine Men—I Believe in Our Essence

I believe that all men are born with an in-built masculine essence, we are all masculine men. The basic energy that drives us from deep inside. It is the energy that determines the way we feel. I believe in men with male energy.

Where Are The Men? The Men Who Are Worthy?

I travel a lot and wonder, where are all the men? What is more concerning is that this is what many women are wondering. They are looking for relationships and wondering why they are not finding them.

Energy of the Universe—Does it Transform Us?

Nelson Mandela had the focus and foresight to see beyond the immediate surroundings of the prison cell he was held in for 27 years to the needs of his country. He was able to subjugate his needs to those of his people.

The Rhythm of Masculinity, What Does It Mean For Men?

Life has rhythm, from the cycle of days, created by the sun, to the cycle of months, created by the moon. The seasons roll around from year to year. What about Men? What are their rhythms? How are they different?