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Masculinity is a core part of sat purusha. It varies for each man but there is a common thread that allows men to feel masculine. It allows men to feel that there is part of them that is masculine.

how to love a woman

How To Love A Woman – 10 Ways For Men To Love

Do you seek comfort, confirmation that you are alright? Are you, at heart, uncertain about yourself? Of course, you want answers to many questions, and an important one is ‘How to Love a Woman?’

great sex

7 Ways To Have Great Sex With Your Woman

Sex should always be more than just the act itself. It is a vital part of a relationship. Make it fun and relax into it and your relationship will be transformed. Great sex is fun sex, great sex is is easy.

Dr Vibe Show

A Conversation About Men And Relationships

Many men seem to have problems in relationships. Often they are men who have a reputation for an inability to commit to long-term relationships. Is this true? Does this represent your experience.

Dr Vibe Show

A Conversation About Men And Sexual Abuse

Join Dr. Vibe and Sat Purusha as they host the discussion ‘Men And Sexual Abuse’. The discussions includes how being sexually abused at a young age affected me, and how it took courage for me to share it.

sexual abuse of boys

Football is a Man’s Game Where Sexual Abuse of Boys by Men is Common

A new scandal in Britain has highlighted the extent of sexual abuse of boys in the game. This is a game most boys take part in, a game where parents thought they would be safe.

my father made me a man

My Father Made Me A Man

In looking at the source of my masculinity, I realise that its essence comes from my father. He was a role model for me even if he did not display the ideal characteristics for me. I ended up in a love/hate relationship.

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