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Masculinity is a core part of sat purusha. It varies for each man but there is a common thread that allows men to feel masculine. It allows men to feel that there is part of them that is masculine.

the shame of being a man
© Garry Knight (cropped)

Today I Felt the Shame of Being a Man

What it is like to be woman who is not listened to and suppressed. What men can do to fill this gender gap. Today I felt the pain of being a woman… Today I felt the shame of being a man…

being mothered
© Jakob Renpening (cropped)

Letting Go of the Need to be Mothered

Many men and women unconsciously collaborate in maintaining domination by men. One of the factors at the heart of this is men’s need to be mothered by women. For the situation to change men need to let go of this need.

how to love yourself
© Habitism (cropped)

How To Love Yourself—The Key to your Amazing Future

Men are often confused about themselves. Men frequently think that they are unimportant. To grow as a man and learn how to be with a woman you need to start with yourself. Loving yourself is the end you should aim for.

jimmy savile rape culture
© duncan c (cropped)

Jimmy Savile, Rape Culture and the Lessons for Us All

I find the term ‘rape culture’ offensive, but in hearing the British Health Secretary reporting to the British Parliament on the Savile Affair, I question whether being offended is valid any more.

fatherhood does it matter
© Sat Purusha (cropped)

Fatherhood—Does It Matter? Yes, Now More Than Ever!

I posed in a boat with my father, I wonder now whether fatherhood matters. Reading ‘Why Fatherhood Matters’ in Esquire I understand why it does. I understood what my fayher did for me, how he helped me.

anger and the superior man
© Pedro Ribeiro Simões (cropped)

Anger and the Superior Man – Is it about Gender or Personal Inadequacy?

I look at the anger surrounding a shooting in the US, and explain how it relates to personal inadequacy. We need to understand the issues men and women face and not see them as a gender war.

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