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Spirituality is a core part of sat purusha. Yoga originated to enable men to sit still in meditation, but is really about stilling the mind, touching Universal Consciousness, and achieving balance.

spiritual awareness

When Was Your Spiritual Awareness Last Challenged?

When did you last see your life from a completely different perspective? When did you last wonder where your life was going? Think about the situation you were placed in through your birth and why you made the choice you did.

infinite expectation of the dawn

Infinite Expectation Of The Dawn — Find Your Brilliance

The influence of spiritual energy in our lives goes beyond our expectations. How do you relate to the environment you live in? What appreciation of the flow of nature do you have?

yantra shiva shakti

Shiva Shakti – Ambiguity And Paradox – Creation and Destruction

Shiva cycles through the process of creation, preservation, dissolution and recreation. Balancing my look at the Bushido Code, I am looking at Shiva Shakti, the Hindu god.

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