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Transformation is the process of personal development. To change your reality you need a change in perception, in how you see the world. This allows you to move forward and be who you want.

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Obesity in Men: What Is The Truth? What Can Men Do?

Britain’s fattest man, Carl Thompson, was 33 years old and weighed 65 stone when he died in 2015. For those not from Britain, that is 410 kilos or 910 pounds. He was housebound, bed-ridden and alone.

Patience Is To Be Calm No Matter What Happens

I have learned to surrender and celebrate what happens. I celebrate the results as they take me to unexpected places. My acceptance and calmness is unexpected but my reaction improves in the situation.

Tell Your Wife The Truth About That Dress

How I came to terms with what it means to tell the truth and be authentic. Yoga Philosophy was the key to this difficult lock. The answer I found incolves compassion and understanding.

Young And Hopeless—I’m Angry At My Father

I love the energy and honesty of punk music and I wish more people would see it as music to inspire young kids rather than as rebellion to be crushed. It has an amazing power to tell the truth.

Love And Anger—Living With Emotional Authenticity

How I live with my emotions and what I need to do to remain authentic. I am committed to clearing my emotional baggage. I will live my emotional truth and be open, honest and transparent with others and myself.

Four Ways Of Changing Your View Of Reality That Will Improve Your Life

You see the world through your perceptions, when you change your perceptions your world will change. Changing your view of reality can have such profound effects that you can attract what you desire.

Posts 1 to 6 of 61

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