Category: Transformation

Transformation is core section of the site. It is about the process of transforming yourself through some form of personal development. Much of what I am has been because I spent my life growing and developing. I am a better person because of my transformation.

The idea that you can create your own reality is one that comes from beyond the new-age love of the law of attraction. In yoga philosophy, it is not said that you create your reality but that you create your experience of reality. This is a crucial distinction. The way you view the world around you reveals the filter through which you see the world. You have created this filter through your reactions to the various life events that you have lived through.

So the transformation needed to change your reality is a change in perception, a change in how you see the world.

Changing your view of reality can have such profound effects that you can attract what you desire. It is not about wishing for riches but it is changing your view of the world. This enables you to see riches coming to you. When this happens it is possible that you change the way you interact with people. You find it possible to create the riches that you saw as impossible before. It starts with what you do, and as you grow and develop in these actions you will see ever more opportunities appear in front of you.

This is transformation.