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Transformation is the process of personal development. To change your reality you need a change in perception, in how you see the world. This allows you to move forward and be who you want.

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I’m in Trouble Now and I Don’t Even Know What For!

I remember a defining moment from my childhood. It helped to shape my relationship with my father and mother. It made me think about myself in a new way. At the time it was devastating for me.

Trust Honor and Deep Respect—Decisions and Choices

What does it mean to trust someone? What is honor and how is it related to deep respect? Is it necessary for them to do what you think is right? What do they need to do to gain that trust and respect?

Being Young and Free—Causing Chaos

It is something I yearn for because I know I can never go back there. In truth I yearn for it with the knowledge and experience I have today. But in the end what is essential is to take control of your own life.

What Is The Point Of Creativity In Writing?

On the whole there are only three reasons for writing online: making money, creating a brand or a love of writing/creativity. The important thing, though, is to keep at it, to keep writing as if your life depended on it.

Each Day I Start Again To Clean The Slate

Life is a road I travel on and each day I do a little more to create the life I love. However, each day I need to clean up the results of what has gone before. I need to se what has gone wrong and sort it out.

Let Go – Digital Clearing

Life, I have found, has been a process of accumulation. To move forward, though, it is necessary to clear out possessions, clutter, thoughts and energy. I am working on electronic clearing, I have found it takes major decisions.

Posts 7 to 12 of 61

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