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Transformation is the process of personal development. To change your reality you need a change in perception, in how you see the world. This allows you to move forward and be who you want.

stand up get up

Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight!

Bob Marley, famously, told people to stand up for their rights. To do that he told them to ‘Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight!’. You can take this message into your business and create success.

humble bumble bee

Spiritual Awareness In The Story Of The Humble Bumble Bee

When did you last see your life from a different perspective? I would like to suggest a way to look at your life that will help you understand why you are here and what your purpose is. A new perspective is a new life.

punk music and learning disabilities

I Want Respect: On Punk Music and Learning Disabilities

I attended the first night of a Punk Music Tour and discovered what inclusion for those with learning disabilities really means. It was a celebration of the lack of any barriers. Most of all, though, it was a night of great music.

my decade of freedom

My Decade of Freedom Before Middle Class Life Drew Me Back

I remember the 60’s and 70’s, my years of rebellion, and how they ended up in the power of marriage, parenthood and ordinary life. The end came when I met a girl and fell in love. I felt connected, wanted and desired.

the lesson of the wall

The Lesson of the Wall: Why My Anger Looked Different to Me from The Inside Than It Did on the Outside

I often felt the urge to exert control, the need to get people to listen to me. What happened when I resorted to violence to be in charge? I discovered obsession.

coach for men

Coaching for Men

I offer coaching for men who are committed to change in their life. I offer this programme of coaching to enable you to live your life to the full, make your mark in the world and step out as the man you truly are.

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