Change Your Perspective—Is It A Reality?

Change your perspective, change your life; this is an idea I've heard before. Change my perspective; is that a possibility, is that a reality? The shift to make is to change your approach from being ‘at effect’ to being ‘at cause’.

Do you feel you have control over the direction your life is taking? Do you want to do something more exciting in your life? Do you seek freedom for the pressure to perform and earn?

Your Perspective

If this is true for you then your perspective has become stuck in trying to move away from a life that, you feel, is not treating you well. You have become stuck.

Your perspective on life is the angle you look at it from. Think of the current global economic crisis with banks failing and property prices crashing. You can think of it from two perspectives.

Two Perspectives

First is the one that most people seem to be stuck at.

Life is getting hard, mortgages are impossible to get, your house is in negative equity, unemployment is increasing.

Yes, this a negative viewpoint, but it is a valid one. Many people are badly affected by the crisis and there are those whose lives are being destroyed by the situation. There is nothing wrong with this view, it is a perspective.

Second is a more minority view.

Life is full of opportunities and the crisis is only opening more opportunities for people. There is money to be made out of an imaginative approach to the property crisis, it's a great time to create a long term property investment portfolio, employment can be a push to create your own business.

Yes, this is a positive viewpoint, and it is equally a valid one. Many people are making money as the economy shifts, people change their spending habits and opportunities to take advantage of fluctuations in the economy to make profit. there is nothing wrong with this point of view, it is a perspective.

Most people would say that the difference in these two views is the outside circumstances surrounding the person having them. They would say that it's simply not possible to choose one or the other. You have to go with the cards you are dealt, you have no say on what happens to you. That is not a perspective that is resignation and stagnation.

A Dramatic Shift

I am thinking about this because last night I had a conversation that created a dramatic shift in perspective for me. It was a shift that could significant economic consequences, positive ones--that is more money coming in!

In my writing I am focused on the work I am doing for men to help them find their masculinity and re-awaken their core essence. I am focused on this because I am a man and because I see a desperate need amongst men. I have been writing about and for men, using my life as an example of how to be. I am creating products and forging a business that will help men and make money for me.

I had a conversation with a potential business partner, last night, in which I was encouraged to re-focus my work in a completely different, and more lucrative, market. For me, this would be a complete change of perspective. It would not be a change in what I think or what I am trying to achieve, just a change in perspective. But it is, potentially, a dramatic one.

The idea is that I shift my focus to women. Instead of focusing on men, masculinity and my experience as a man, I should focus on women. The message is the same but it's directed at femininity and power in women. The needs are different but the effect will be the same. Women will listen to me as a man, women are desperate for a shift in men and are willing to achieve that by shifting themselves.

Interestingly, I already has more female visitors than male. Women are more ready to hear the message than men. Women have always shown themselves as leaders.

The Major Shift

This is a change in perspective, not a shift in my circumstances or in the outside world.

This shift aligns with the second viewpoint outlined above. Because I am a man doesn't mean I can't influence women. I had thought that for no reason other I thought that. Changing my perspective opens up a completely new landscape in front of me.

How can you change your perspective when circumstances seem to prevent it?

The major shift you need to make is to change your approach to life from being 'at effect' to being 'at cause'.

This means realising that, whatever your circumstances, you create the life you lead. Life is not created for you by outside circumstances. the well used phrase, 'You get what you focus on', is relevant. When you change your focus life has a way of opening up. Opportunities have a way of appearing. The crucial thing is to remain alert and aware, they come from surprising places.


What is happening in your life right now? Over the next week carry a notebook and make a note of any situations or conversations that surprise you in any way. make a note of anything that happens that you don't expect, record anything in the news that catches your attention.

At the end of the week look over your notes and identify one thing that could be an opportunity that you have never thought of before. Research it and take action on it. You will be amazed by the results.

I am going to do that as a result of my conversation last night. I am suspending judgement on it, for the moment, and persuing it to see where it goes.