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There are a number of resources that are available from coaching to a book on masculinity. Browse and enjoy.

I offer help and assistance to men in many ways from the articles on this site to the coaching, writing and audios available here.

Book: Journey to the Core of the Masculine

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Conversations on Masculinity and A Challenge of Awareness, Acceptance and Authenticity

Journey to the Core of the Masculine is a unique and powerful two part book.

The first part is a series of discussions on masculinity, sex, addiction and relationships. Conversations about Men and Masculinity is a record of a series of conversations between Graham Reid Phoenix, Christopher Howard and Cheta Urmila Phoenix exploring what it means to be a man. It is a guide to living a life of power, purpose and passion and how to integrate life and relationships. It challenges the status quo on relationships and masculinity to help the reader experience a transformation in their relationship. It is designed to help the reader gain control over their life, stand with confidence, walk tall, be powerful with compassion, and speak their truth.

The second part is a 40 Challenge for Men. It is a journey through awareness, acceptance and authenticity to the core of the masculine. Over 40 days the reader will be taken through the issues that are crucial to exploring their masculinity. It is explored in some detail in the discussions in the first part. Over 40 days the reader reflects on himself and his life. Read the first section and then set aside time to work on the second, day by day, over 40 days.

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Venice Conversations

The first part of the book is based on a series of interviews with Chris Howard that took place in a cafe in Venice.

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The Forgiveness Process with Chris Howard

Learning about “Forgiveness” is one of the major keys to a healthy relationship.

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Coaching for Men

I offer coaching for men who are committed to change in their life.

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