A Conversation About Men And Relationships

Join Dr. Vibe and Sat Purusha as they host the discussion 'Men And Relationships'.

I write about health, spirituality and masculinity. I explore what masculinity means in relation to the rest of men’s lives. I love to talk to others about the issues that face men. Dr Vibe invited me to have a discussion on Men and Relationships, to explore how men react in relationships. This seems to be a problem for men who have a reputation for an inability to commit to long-term relationships. Is this true? Do men avoid women for anything other than sex? What is the truth about men and relationships?

Watch the video, a discussion on men and relationships between me and Dr. Vibe.

Some of the conversation topics were:

  • Some background about me, Purusha.
  • My experience of relationships.
  • My view on ‘How To Love A Woman’.
  • How to understand women.
  • Why do men have problems with relationships?.