40 Day Challenge: Content

Have the courage and strength to see your life as one that is worth living and worth creating something from. This challenge will transform your love for yourself and develop your ability to be the man you really are.

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Dealing with Chaos – Awareness

Men face challenges: to their sense of themselves as men: through people’s view of them. Men need to face up to these and come out the other side strong and confident. You succeed by getting to know yourself, accepting who you are and living authentically.

Day 1: Do You Love Yourself?

In learning how to love others it is critical to start by loving yourself. If you are unable to love yourself you are unable to love someone else. Men have trouble with this. They might respect themselves but loving themselves, that’s a bit sissy. No it’s not!

Day 2: The Dawn Will Banish The Cold

Self Awareness leads to re-awakening. The re-awakening of the self that is buried inside, the re-awakening of you as a man. It’s about the discovery and welcoming into your life of what is already there, buried deep down.

Day 3: Do You Deserve Fatherly Love?

Your father is important. Whether you knew him or not, his influence lives on. Men often aspire to be their fathers and are determined never to be like him. This tension continues through the years and shapes the man you are.

Day 4: Can You Stop Needing Your Mother?

Men love their mothers but also need their mothers. This about men who are looking for their mother. I don’t know whether the mothers or the men are to blame for this. The men are looking to be fed and be generally molly-coddled.

Day 5: Do You Need, Desire Or Love?

Desire often starts a relationship and love takes over to keep it going. Desire can leave, creating a sterile relationship with no core. The balance between love and desire is critical in building our life with another.

Posts 1 to 6 of 44

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