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Day 6: Show Me How To Control Others

It’s so easy to control the ones you love and, especially, the ones you don’t. Control of yourself is something you shy away from. Men often tend to ignore the need for this relying, instead, on righteous indignation at what life has done to them. They think that if they change the world they will improve their lives.

Day 7: Do You Find Intimacy Difficult?

Men have issues with intimacy and frequently are unable to admit they have issues with intimacy. They sublimate their emotions in actions they can understand. This is the heart of much of the difficulty between men and women. For men it’s sex not intimacy, for women it’s intimacy not sex.

Day 8: Suffering Is Resistance To Pain

Men are reputed to be stoical individuals who grit their teeth and endure pain. It is regarded as a badge of honour to keep going with life through suffering, showing that you are in control.In wartime, particularly, soldiers often pride themselves on their strength to keep going through any type of pain.

Day 9: Look for the Learning in Emotional Pain

For men, emotions are strange feelings that they find difficult to understand. It’s emotions that overtake women all the time and make them unpredictable and unreasonable. Men are not emotional and, as we learnt yesterday, remain in control. Having stuffed their emotions down men are not able to predict when they are going to break out and cause pain and extreme difficulty.

Day 10: Are You Seeking The Truth?

It is important in life to be aware of what you are seeking for yourself. Everyone seeks something in life, whether it’s a quiet life, a passionate one or a life of risk and adventure. The difficulty arises when you don’t know what it is. You can easily live against the dreams you have and cause confusion for yourself, confusion that you don’t understand.

Day 11: Can You Look Forwards And Backwards?

Janus was the Roman God of beginnings, of transitions and change. He represents time because he simultaneously looks forward and backwards. He was thought to be one of the most important of the Gods because he could see the shifts and changes of life and represented growth and development. His advantage is that he effectively lives in the now because he balances the past and the future.

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