Get Up, Stand Up, Don't Give Up The Fight!

Bob Marley, famously, told people to stand up for their rights. To do that he told them to 'Get Up, Stand Up, Don't Give Up The Fight!'. You can take this message into your business and create success.

I was going to call this piece 'Don't Give Up The Day Job'. I wanted to warn aspiring entrepreneurs against jumping in to their new business too quickly. It seems so easy to jump online, put up a website and talk to the world about what you love. It might be football, travel, sex or anything else your mind can conjure up. Well, it is easy! You can make a decision, get online and be up and running in a day.

People's Dreams

The problem is that is likely to be absolutely nobody out there listening to you. If there is nobody listening then there is nobody to be a customer and pay you money.

This is where most people's dreams come crashing down. That's OK, as long as you still have your day job!If you can support yourself then you can start on the work you need to do to market yourself and build an audience. This could take weeks or months, but is more likely to take years.

The Attitude Needed

So I decided to call this piece 'Get Up, Stand Up, Don't Give Up The Fight!' because that's the attitude you need to create a successful business online. You need guts, determination, courage and the desire to make it. You need to stand up and shout from the rooftops about what you do — this is known as marketing.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
Gail Devers

Around five years ago I started a blog, 'MaleXperience', writing about men. It morphed into 'Graham Reid Phoenix' and is now 'Sat Purusha' . When I started I knew no-one and no-one knew about me. I had been a lighting designer all my life and was starting a whole new career as a writer.

I have been a weekly columnist and editor for 'The Good Men Project' writing about men and masculinity, I used to broadcast a radio show about men, 'Men Alive!', on UnTangledFM every two weeks, this site has around 800 page views a day and I was recently part of a mastermind of ten men all working with men in different ways.

I have got to this point because I stuck at it, because I believed in what I was doing, because I had determination to get my message out there.


I started the mastermind by putting out a message on Facebook one day. The difference for me, at this point, was that I had authority and people knew about me because I had been out there for a number of years. I had eight people within a week and now, after a couple of months, we are meeting regularly online and are complete with ten men.

When you start you will find it easy to get disillusioned because there is no-one listening. Keep going because they are out there, they do want to hear your message. You just have to find them and help them find you.

What has your experience been of starting out? How have you found the courage keep going when you seem to get no response.