Each Day I Start Again To Clean The Slate

Life is a road I travel on and each day I do a little more to create the life I love. However, each day I need to clean up the results of what has gone before. I need to see what has gone wrong and sort it out.

It is the middle of winter in Spain and it is cold. Living in a typically Spanish house I live without central heating. There is a single wood burning stove in the centre of the house that heats the whole house. It is my job to keep the fire burning and well maintained. Part of this job is to clean the front glass when needed.

Cleaning the Fire

This morning I thoroughly raked out the fire and cleaned the front glass until it was completely clear. I then re-kindled the fire and piled on some logs. It soon started burning and warming the house up.

I noticed alfter about half an hour that the glass was starting to go black again. It felt like I had wasted my time doing the cleaning. I realised, however, that if I had not cleaned it the layer of black carbon would just get thicker until I would no longer be able to see the fire.

What a metaphor for life this is. A metaphor that explains why we need to keep working on ourselves and keep improving. In the Tony Robbins world this is known as CANI—Constant And Never-Ending Improvement.

Your Life Passion

Imagine that the fire represents your life and that the glass is what is between the passion of your life and your view or understanding of it.

You start with a clean glass. You are fully engaged in your life, your passions, you see yourself as worthy and amazing.

In a stove, the fire itself creates the blackened carbon on the glass. So in your life the fire of your passion and power creates doubts and interferes with the clear view you have of what drives you. You start comparing yourself to others, you starting questioning how well you are doing, and so on.

This is a natural process.

If you do not clean this up it will get thicker, day by day, until you lose sight of your inner fire.

So every day you do the work of cleansing. What you do will differ from person to person, it will be unique to you. You need to do it, however to keep the glass clean.

My Inner Fire

What do I do? How do I keep a clear view of my inner fire?

I meditate, I practice Yoga, I journal and I let go, daily, of my emotional baggage. I do the work necessary to keep loving my life and loving myself.

If I find a pattern getting in the way, I work on it, often using a coach or therapist to help me see what I do not see.

In the past I found that I would get depressed, or angry or just restless, apparently without reason. What was the problem?

I was not cleaning the glass on a daily basis.