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This is a memoir of my life, my spiritual development. It is about how I have grown from loneliness to aloneness. It reveals my struggles with seeking answers and explores what made me the man I am.

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6.2 Acceptance And The Reality Of Truth

Acceptance is about bringing myself out of the shadows and being open about myself.

6.3 Authenticity And Courage—Is It Just Doing Nothing?

Authenticity is such a hot potato. People have such powerful reactions to any claim to be authentic. What is the issue with this? Why are people so afraid of claims of authenticity? What is authenticity?

6.4 A New Life: Sat Purusha

I am on my own and I am part of others. In my solitude I live with others and welcome them into my life. They do not make me or complete me.

6.5 Signs To My Soul—The Eagle And The Sparrow

To connect with the deeper sense in my soul, I need to read the signs that are put in my path by Source.

6.6 Aloneness Is All About Wholeness

Aloneness is a state of being that recognises that we are part of the whole of consciousness.

Posts 31 to 36 of 35

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