The Brave Put Down Their Fear And Go Forward

What are you most fearful of? Do you have a fear of success? What is the worst thing that could happen to you? What is it that you secretly dread more than anything else? Do you have a fear of success or failure?

For most people there are two fears that have greater power than any other. They are the fear that they aren't loved or the fear that they aren't good enough.


All men have fears, but the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death, but always to victory.
Ancient Greek Motto

These fears disable people to the extent, sometimes, that they are unable to move forward or do anything. They then become self-fulfilling prophecies. They end demonstrating that they aren''t good enough and they end up not being loved.

They are able to say, See, I told you so!

How much do you like to be proved right, how often do you create a negative result in order to show to yourself that you can't do something?


I have found, in myself, that not achieving what I really want in life is a very comfortable place to be. It sound bizarre but having a business go bankrupt can show that everything is right in the world. I set up a business with a new business partner, a few years ago, and a previous partner told him that I would let him down and, ultimately, not perform.

It hurt me when I heard that but several years later I found that that's exactly what happened. The business failed and the new partner lost some money. I had fulfilled the prophecy and had not turned the world upside down.

Why was it that that comforted me, while creating a success of the business and me feeling very uncomfortable?

It was Marianne Williamson who said that it is our light that most frightens us. It is our success which most puts us on edge. We all have a fear of success.

Making Our Mark

When we stand up to make our mark, when we put ourselves out there to create something new, something different, we expose ourselves.

In exposing ourselves we need to be brave, despite the fact that all men have fears, we need to take hold of our courage and brave whatever happens. It's when we put aside our fears and face they world that we really begin to achieve our dreams.

Why is it that through bravery we achieve our dreams? Why do we have to stand on the edge and learn to fly?

Until we put our fears aside we have no idea what we are actually capable of. Until we face our dreams and start living them they just remain dreams. The great thing about turning dreams into reality is that you can then have even greater dreams.

But first you need to take action and by taking action you have to become vulnerable.

What are you going to do today that requires bravery? What victory are going to win today? Do you have a fear of success or failure?