Lent Meditation: Archives

Day 7: Mind: Conditioning

My mind is my own! I am in control of what I think! I can decide what I do and how I live my life! Or can I? Whatever I was born with was soon over-laid with what other people wanted me to think. I was born with a sense of my masculinity, even as a baby. That did not last long. Parents, friends, teachers, film stars, colleagues all sought to tell me how to think and what to think. I thought they had good ideas so I listened to them. Was there anything left of me?

Day 8: Mind: Beliefs

Out of the mess and confusion of my upbringing and education what beliefs have I developed? What has come out of this for me? Where has this led me? I believe that I can control my life, that I can decide what I am going to do. I may not control the outcome, that is often in the hands of other people or the collective universal consciousness. What I can control is the effort and energy I put into whatever I do. Often that energy is enough to achieve what I want, but not always.