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Day 7: Mind: Conditioning

My mind is my own! I am in control of what I think! I can decide what I do and how I live my life! Or can I?

Day 8: Mind: Beliefs

Out of the mess and confusion of my upbringing and education what beliefs have I developed? What has come out of this for me? Where has this led me?

Day 9: Mind: Writing

Writing has become my core way of expressing myself. Writing is my way to express my wants, needs and desires. Writing is about expanding my awareness. Do I achieve this?

Day 10: Mind: Intention

I looked earlier at intention and how to put it into action with intention, effort and divine grace. What is intention? Is it desire, need or just greed?

Day 11: Mind: Effect

The effect of the exercising of my mind is to enable my creative power to do its work. My mind connects with the Universal Energy to channel thoughts and ideas to express themselves.

Day 12: Heart: Emotions

So far I have looked at my physical and intellectual aspects. I have found these understandable and, to an extent, controllable. My emotions, however, are less open to this kind of analysis and change.

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