Let Go - Digital Clearing

Life, I have found, has been a process of accumulation. To move forward, though, it is necessary to clear out possessions, clutter, thoughts and energy. I am working on electronic clearing, I have found it takes major decisions.

A few years ago, when I was clearing away my physical clutter so I could travel, I put many things into electronic form. I scanned photos, collected electronic books and put my music into iTunes. I put any random information into Evernote—anything to get rid of the paper. "I might need them", I thought, "You never know."

Electronic Clutter

It's OK to do that except that several years later I have a pile of files that my organisation skill has not kept up with. Well they won't be going anywhere, I can do that later. I thank the existence of free cloud storage and sign up for yet another one.

Other than leaving them or deleting them, it's difficult to know what to do. I have ideas that I will be exploring with you.

This ease with electronic clutter spread to my business life to the point where the business starts to seize up. This is a more urgent and more testing issue.

Social Media, Blog Comments, Email Newsletters, Squeeze Pages, Videos, Posts, Articles, Offers, Courses, Photos, Promotion, Marketing—it all blends into a mass of 'Stuff'. The 'Stuff' that doesn't get done. The accumulation hides the real purpose of my communications from me and my clients/followers.

The Clear Out Process

This group is the start of the electronic clearing out process, the clarification process. I will explain more in future days to help me understand what is happening and to help you clarify what you are doing in your life and business.

Thank you for being here and helping me achieve this clarity.

What have you done in the past to deal with this issue?