Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive People are a real boon to society, it is just that they rarely realise it, preferring to think they are 'weird'. It is time that attitude changed.

Have you ever wonder why life seems so difficult, why so many people do not seem to understand you? Being highly sensitive is a real condition that is closely aligned to ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). There is nothing wrong with being highly sensitive but it is important to understand what it means.


7 Things Highly Sensitive People Need from Their Partners

by Krisor Kitna

HSPs make up nearly 20% of the population. We are a group that is born with a more sensitive nervous system than the rest. Our nervous system is genetically designed to pick up on subtleties and reflect more deeply on our inner experience, making us more easily overwhelmed by the outer world.

Read the srticle to understand either your sensitivity or that of your partner. Many men have this condition and have no idea that they have. Knowledge of this should be more available.