Men Take Control

In Afghanistan, today, an Islamic regime has taken over almost 20 years afdter 9/11. Men are re-asserting control after US/NATO attempts to establish western democracy.

Women in Afghanistan are being forced from their jobs at gunpoint and are desperately looking to buy burqas to hide behind. Leaving politics and religion aside, the horror is the re-establishment of the official subjugation of women. It is extraordinary how men will fight to retain their dominance. This comes days after an incel shooting in the UK and hard on the attempt by T***p supporters to establish right wing control over the US governemnt.


The fate of women’s rights in Afghanistan

by John R. Allen and Vanda Felbab-Brown

As the United States reduces its military presence in Afghanistan while the Taliban remain strong on the battlefield, and while peace negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban have commenced, a massive question mark hangs over the fate of Afghan women and their rights. The deal that the United States signed with the Taliban in Doha on February 29, 2020, leaves the future of Afghan women completely up to the outcomes of the intra-Taliban negotiations and battlefield developments.

Events have overtaken any and all studies of the situation but the issue remains: men are reverting to the domination of women. How can we live in a world where this not only happens but is officially sanctioned? How can we respond as this idealogy advances? Can we have a personal response which means anything