Styles of Yoga

Useful nod to what style of yoga might suit you.

If you have wondered what style of yoga might suit you, wonder no more.


20 Different Types Of Yoga: How To Find The Right Style For You

by Lauren Howard

As our lives are ever changing it makes sense that our exposure to new ideas has altered the way we practice yoga. With the adoption of a more contemporary style, or with the incorporation of new inventions, we now have several options to consider. Whether you’re interested in a slow-paced class whose goal is on therapeutic healing or a yoga practice that will get your heart rate up, this list will give you the inside scoop on which style will fit you the most.

I must say that I favour Yin Yoga and a slow Vinyasa style. For Yin try Travis Eliot's 'Flexibility and Beyond', and for a deep Vinyasa style try J Brown's 'Gentle is the New Advanced'.