From Wordpress to Eleventy

How I completely re-coded and re-designed this site to make it faster, cleaner and clearer.

Two things happened a year or so ago. First I got frustrated with the massive imposition of the block editor in Wordpress. Second I was constantly seeking ways to speed up my simple blog. The efforts almost sank the site (Oh and the cost of a faster server has a real dead weight.)

So I switched to using markdown for writing and editing, but this did not sit well with Wordpress. So I moved on the idea of a SSG (static site generator), something that was new to me, but was an obvious move. I started with Jekyll but frustrations with logic led me to Eleventy. I started by learning how to use it.

Learn Eleventy From Scratch

by Andy Bell

In this Eleventy course, we go from a completely empty directory to a full-blown marketing site for a design agency, and along the way, we dive really deep into Eleventy and front-end development best practices.

That was a great help and led me to all sorts of realisations and discoveries. I was already using Cloudflare for my dns so it was simple to use Cloudflare Pages for hosting to deployed site.

That is what you are looking at...