The Art of Teaching Yoga

Donna Farhi's approach to teaching yoga is inspired but seems so natural.

I have become disillusioned with much of what is called yoga. The disillusionment is not with yoga itself but with the teaching of yoga. I have stopped going to live classes because I do not like being manhandled and told what to do.

For me yoga is about discovery, the discovery of the self, the inner self and the capabilities of the body. The self lives in the body, which is crucial to our existence here and now.

Donna Farhi, a yoga teached who I have never studied with but who I admire, teaches yoga teachers online. She really understands yoga in relation to everyone's individual body, their needs and desires. Read a bit about her approach to asanas and the teaching of them.


The Art of Teaching

by Donna Farhi

A shared inquiry pedagogic model for teaching yoga, the focus is on the student’s process as an emerging and evolving entity. The form of an asana becomes a soft suggestion. Or possibility. Not defined by a singular representation or demonstration. What an asana looks like is less important than how it feels and makes sense in a practitioner’s body.

This approach is excellent and should become the basis of all yoga teaching.

To take part in Donna's course click through to her site.