Writing Insults for People

I love the English language, especially the Anglo-Saxon part descended from Norse and Germanic roots. I particularly love the english ability to insult or denigrate people in many ways.

As a writer it is important to know them for use in dialogue. Daily Writing Tips has a cracking list of some of them, all ones I know well from my childhood.

In today's culture on inclusivity much of this is no longer acceptable language, particularly aspects relating to mental health. Still the language exists and insults are in common usage.

The article delves into some of the most common.

Daily Writing Tips

30 Ways to Say, 'You’re Stupid'

by Maeve Maddox

In researching insults in general, I came to realize that English provides an astounding number of ways to show contempt for our fellow creatures—too many for a single post. I shall begin with thirty words used to insult the intelligence.

How many did you recognise?