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My name is Sat Purusha (formerly Graham Reid Phoenix). I write about masculinity, spirituality and transformation. I encourage men to drop their mask and I encourage everyone to create change and grow.

where are the men
© Lena Vasiljeva (cropped)

Where Are The Men? The Men Who Are Worthy?

I travel a lot and wonder, where are all the men? What is more concerning is that this is what many women are wondering. They are looking for relationships and wondering why they are not finding them…

sex and control
© Tom Magliery (cropped)

Sex and Control – Understand Your Dark Energy

Wow… It gives me goosebumps just thinking about sex. It’s such an important subject. We really need to get it right, men. So much hangs on this, so much flows from the balance between sex and control.

women need attention
© Sam Salt (cropped)

Women Need Attention All The Time – So Questions, Questions

Women need attention all the time! How do I know? There are the questions and the questions…

female goddess
© alfarman (cropped)

Female Goddess – How do You Keep it Fresh with One?

I was talking about my relationship to a female friend, talking about men, but she did not understand how to keep an exciting relationship at its initial level over time. My answer was simple, You need to start afresh every day. But how do you do that? she said. That, of course, is where the simplicity ends.

trust in relationships
© MTSOfan (cropped)

Trust In Relationships – How I Found It

Urmila and I carried out an experiment on Trust In Relationships. She wanted to fully experience the two feminine characteristics of Trusting and Surrendering. Here I want to look at my perspective and talk about what it meant for me to fully experience trust and surrender from a woman. What are trust relationships?

energy of the universe
© NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (cropped)

Energy of the Universe – Does it Transform Us?

Nelson Mandela had the focus and foresight to see beyond the immediate surroundings of the prison cell he was held in for 27 years to the needs of his country. He was able to subjugate his needs to those of his people. That is the essence of a man.

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