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My name is Sat Purusha (formerly Graham Reid Phoenix). I write about masculinity, spirituality and transformation. I encourage men to drop their mask and I encourage everyone to create change and grow.

women need attention
© Sam Salt (cropped)

Women Need Attention All The Time – So Questions, Questions

Women need attention all the time! How do I know? There are the questions and the questions… you can ignore the questions, but don’t ignore her. Give her the attention she needs. Life will be transformed.

trust in relationships
© MTSOfan (cropped)

Trust In Relationships – How I Found It

Urmila and I carried out an experiment on Trust In Relationships. She wanted to fully experience the two feminine characteristics of Trusting and Surrendering. What did it meant for me to fully experience surrender?

energy of the universe
© NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (cropped)

Energy of the Universe – Does it Transform Us?

Nelson Mandela had the focus and foresight to see beyond the immediate surroundings of the prison cell he was held in for 27 years to the needs of his country. He was able to subjugate his needs to those of his people.

courage to change
© Ben Chun (cropped)

The Courage To Change – To Feel Love – To Feel Important

When we first met you were crazy about her. You couldn’t stop talking about her. You wanted so much to be with her, all the time, but you couldn’t make it work. You needed her to show you the way. It fell apart…

in a relationship
© freestocks.org (cropped)

In A Relationship – Pleading Does Not Hack It

At dinner I was discussing men with with two ladies and whether love in a relationship is enough. We were sitting in a small Indian cafe in Little India in Singapore. One told us about a man having issues with his girlfriend.

how to attract women
© Meg Lessard (cropped)

How To Attract Women or What puts Women off Men?

At a recent seminar the focus was on personal development and success. There was a greater percentage of women than men. So here was a perfect opportunity for men to show themselves in their strength, but did they…

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