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These posts cover all three areas of masculinity, spirituality and transformation. You can use the Categories menu function above to see the posts for each individual category. The custom post types are also available above.

courage to change
© Ben Chun (cropped)

The Courage To Change – To Feel Love – To Feel Important

When we first met you were crazy about her. You couldn\’t stop talking about her. You wanted so much to be with her, all the time, but you couldn\’t make it work. You needed her to show you the way. But it never happened, it fell apart. What do you want now…

in a relationship
© freestocks.org (cropped)

In A Relationship – Pleading Does Not Hack It

At dinner I was discussing men with with two ladies and whether love in a relationship is enough. We were sitting in a small Indian cafe in Little India in Singapore.

how to attract women
© Meg Lessard (cropped)

How To Attract Women or What puts Women off Men?

At a recent seminar the focus was on personal development and success. There was a greater percentage of women than men. So here was a perfect opportunity for men to show themselves in their strength, but did they…

© St. George's School (cropped)

Guide To Success – There’s No One Moment

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredible communicator and an honest, passionate human being. Gary is a powerful guide to success.

the rhythm of masculinity
© Ulisse Albiati (cropped)

The Rhythm of Masculinity, What Does It Mean For Men?

Life has rhythm, from the cycle of days, created by the sun, to the cycle of months, created by the moon. The seasons roll around from year to year. What about Men? What are their rhythms? How are they different?

aching joints
© Steven Depolo (cropped)

Aching Joints, How They Can Renew Your Life

I have been through an extraordinary journey of pain, with severe aching joints. I started to experience serious pain in my spine and particularly in my wrists and hands.

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