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My name is Sat Purusha (formerly Graham Reid Phoenix). I write about masculinity, spirituality and transformation. I encourage men to drop their mask and I encourage everyone to create change and grow.

guide to success
© St. George's School (cropped)

Guide To Success – There’s No One Moment

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredible communicator and an honest, passionate human being. Gary is a powerful guide to success. There are many great ideas but the one that resonates with me is, “There’s no one moment!”

the rhythm of masculinity
© Ulisse Albiati (cropped)

The Rhythm of Masculinity, What Does It Mean For Men?

Life has rhythm, from the cycle of days, created by the sun, to the cycle of months, created by the moon. The seasons roll around from year to year. What about Men? What are their rhythms? How are they different?

aching joints
© Steven Depolo (cropped)

Aching Joints, How They Can Renew Your Life

I have been through an extraordinary journey of pain, with severe aching joints. I started to experience serious pain in my spine and particularly in my wrists and hands.

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