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My name is Sat Purusha (formerly Graham Reid Phoenix). I write about masculinity, spirituality and transformation. I encourage men to drop their mask and I encourage everyone to create change and grow.

I'm in Trouble Now and I Don't Even Know What For!

I remember a defining moment from my childhood. It helped to shape my relationship with my father and mother. It made me think about myself in a new way. At the time it was devastating for me.

My Father Made Me A Man

In looking at the source of my masculinity, I realise that its essence comes from my father. He was a role model for me even if he did not display the ideal characteristics for me. I ended up in a love/hate relationship.

Football is a Man's Game Where Sexual Abuse of Boys by Men is Common

A new scandal in Britain has highlighted the extent of sexual abuse of boys in the game. This is a game most boys take part in, a game where parents thought they would be safe.

How Yoga Helped Me Find The Stillness In Masculinity

I have found that Yoga has enabled me to balance my personality and find my Still Point. I use it to observe myself and deepen my masculinity with compassion, awareness and understanding.

The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Stars

The message America needs right now. At this time of fear and uncertainty in the world, let alone the US, there must be some comfort we can find in what has happened, there must be some good that we cannot comprehend.

Today I Felt the Shame of Being a Man

What it is like to be woman who is not listened to and suppressed. What men can do to fill this gender gap. Today I felt the pain of being a woman... Today I felt the shame of being a man...