In Personal Development What Kind of Climber Are You?

There are three types of landscape in Personal Development, Mountains, Plateaux and Valleys. We all love to grow and develop, especially if we have been involved in personal development.

But what is happening underneath, what is our unconscious mind doing? Are we really ready to let go of that old life, the one that has protected and served us all these years? Do we really want to address those deep emotional issues?

Personal Development Landscape

I have been involved in Personal Development for over five years both as a participant and as a leader. I have made many friends and even more acquaintances. It is a beautiful, positive world where people grow and move on, creating new lives and new personalities.

Yet I found that often I was meeting the same people again and again and they were doing the same events, learning the same lessons. I saw that some of them were not moving on, were not growing.

I discovered that there are three types of landscape in Personal Development, Mountains, Plateaux and Valleys.


This is the landscape of challenge and achievement. People who live in this landscape are always aiming for the top and always meeting the challenges on the way. They see achievement everywhere and they see more unclimbed mountains. The view is stunning from up here although the atmosphere is rarefied.


This is the landscape of living with your achievements and consolidating them before moving on upwards again. With plateaux you get time to understand where you are and what you have achieved. Often it looks the same as before, but you know you have moved on. There is always another journey upwards to make but only when you are ready for it.


The valleys are where most people live. They climb, for a while, and then come back to where they known the landscape. They miss their comforts and need to know where they are. They see the achievements of others around them and want to emulate them. When they go for this they enjoy the elevation and then find themselves drifting back down, unable to maintain height.

What Kind Of Climber Are You

Do you see yourself here? Do you see your response to events in this scenario. If this explains your lack of growth after events and your repeated need to return again and again then take heart, all you need to do is keep climbing. It takes practice and stamina but it is achievable by all.

So look at your mountaineering skills and see how you can improve them. Some simple techniques are:

  • Always focus on the way ahead, look down and you get vertigo.
  • Make sure you are well equipped for the climb ahead, check you equipment and supplies.
  • Carry a map of the way ahead, you don't want to get lost on the way.
  • Stay within your capabilities, don't exhaust yourself with too steep a climb early on.
  • Keep training and developing your stamina, there is always another climb ahead.
  • Enjoy yourself, look around and take in the view, the higher you go the more spectacular it is.
  • Remember where you were and understand how far you have come.