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Women Need Attention All The Time – So Questions, Questions

Women need attention all the time! How do I know? There are the questions and the questions…

I am awake early, she is still asleep. I get up, avoiding waking her. Start writing. All’s quiet, time to get into my flow. She wakes, comes out all sleepy-eyed, says good morning, gives me hug. I tell her about what I am doing and carry on.

She’s in the kitchen, fiddling with some stuff… "Shall we have breakfast first?" "Hmmm", I say, concentrating, "before what?" "Before we start", she says.

Silence from me, I’m focusing.

"Shall we have breakfast first?" she says again!

Slowly, ever so slowly, it dawns on me. "Come here", I say, "Sit down". "Ooh", she says, "Two commands, I don’t know which to follow!"

I close my computer and hug her and say no more! We go back to bed, this time to wake up properly!

Women need attention all the time.

The questions? They aren’t important, they are just seeking attention. I was focused and not paying her any attention. I had started my day before she woke up. We didn’t wake up together and start afresh.

Women need attention all the time. If she’s not getting it she will find a way. Questions are a good technique.

Guys, you can ignore the questions, but don’t ignore her. That is one of the annoying things men do. Give her the attention she needs. Life will be transformed.

Did I say ‘Women need attention all the time’?

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