Four Ways Of Changing Your View Of Reality That Will Improve Your Life

your view of reality

You see the world through your perceptions, when you change your perceptions your world will change.

The idea that you create your own reality is one that comes from beyond the new-age love of the law of attraction. In yoga philosophy, it is not said that you create your reality but that you create your experience of reality. This is a crucial distinction that is worth exploring. The way you view the world around you reveals the filter through which you see the world. You have created this filter through your reactions to the various life events that you have lived through.

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Today I Felt the Shame of Being a Man

the shame of being a man

What it is like to be woman who is not listened to and suppressed. What men can do to fill this gender gap. Today I felt the pain of being a woman… Today I felt the shame of being a man…

We sat in the cafe, me drinking an Americano and she a Capuccino, talking about our past, feeling our way through the pain and shame of our previous lives. The partners we had mistreated and been mistreated by. The parents who had shamed us into submission, who had distorted our views of reality. Mostly we talked about how long it had taken us to understand and accept the culture of domination and suppression, the culture we had both, unknowingly, bought into many years ago.

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Session 6: Live Your Passion

Change, Vision, Passion

‘Change And Live Your Passion’ is the halfway point of the course and at this point, you need to address the question of change to embrace it fully. At some level, you need to change if you are going to receive the benefits the course is offering. The question though, is change to what? This is where you find your vision and your passion. Finding and embracing what you are passionate about in life enables you to build your vision of the future. Your vision should be what drives you, what inspires you.


Live Your Passion – Summary


Change is something that’s constant in life. There is natural change and conscious change.

A vision gives you a target to move towards; it encapsulates the process of change you’ve built into your life. Your vision allows for creating the change most beneficial to you.

When we feel passionate about our life, our career, our relationship, we are able to change in order to drive our life forwards. Passion is ultimately what drives change by creating a towards movement to fulfilling the objectives identified in our vision.

Change is just the starting price if you want to inspire others. It starts with yourself. If you want to see the world develop and grow, and see action on the problems in this world then change is absolutely essential. Change in and of yourself empowers others.

See yourself, as an inspiration to others, for them to respect, admire and wanting to follow.


Vision is what draws out the power and passion in you, what makes your life interesting, exciting. It is what moves you on, draws out your creativity, powers your personal growth and development. Vision is about looking forward and deciding how you are going to live.

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is to take a blank canvas and start designing, start creating your vision. You can range far and wide in your pursuit of the ideal; you can go into the macro with over-arching concepts or go into the micro with amazing detail.

A relationship vision is very important, whether you are in a relationship or not.

  • If not: Your relationship vision can contain anything you want, color of hair, size, wealth, spirituality, etc. No matter how detailed, it must be genuine and authentic, representing someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, in love and happiness.
  • If you are: Your relationship vision is about creating an ideal picture of how it will work, how you will relate to each other, how you will spend your time together, your common interests.
  • In both cases: craft it from the positive, present, perspective that you are together and this is how you are living, eg. “At the heart of the relationship will be a deep close friendship.


Passion is what gives you your fire, passion is what makes life worth living. When you know what drives you, you can truly touch your passion.

It has been shown that the human brain has infinite potential. A more popular myth says that we use no more than 10% of our brain capacity. The truth is that we don’t yet know the limits. Imagine what living to your full potential might mean: not holding back, fully projecting out into the world your emotions, your inspiration, and your passion. Showing the world who or what you are. Embracing change, live your passion and pursue your vision.

Live Your Passion – Worksheet

Set aside time to think through your answers to the questions. They are intended to get you thinking about change. Write your answers either in this worksheet or start a journal. Also write your emotional or other reactions.

  1. Do you find you are looking to change yourself, what you feel, how you react, how you think about yourself? Do you want to do something about the aspects of yourself you don’t like?
  2. What type of person do you want to be? What traits would you like to be remembered for? How do you want to make your mark? Do you have a vision for where you want to go in life?
  3. Get your journal and write the vision for your life. It can be simple bullet points or detailed writing, just commit it to paper. What can you do to spice up your vision?
  4. Do you know what your full potential is? Do you have any sense of what you are capable of in all areas of life? Do you live to that potential or are there areas that you hold back on?

Live Your Passion – Exercise

Modelling involves developing ways of thinking and behaving that mirror the successful approach of another.

No matter what it is you desire to be, do or have, there is someone else out there who has achieved what you want. And if you can model their approach, you will duplicate their success for yourself.

Think of someone you can use as a mentor, whether it’s someone you know or not doesn’t matter.

  • Who is it?
  • What is it about them that attracts you?
  • What did they do that is important?
  • What do they represent for you?

There should be plenty of accessible information about how they achieved success. Work out their mindset and how they faced challenges and opportunities. What critical decisions did they make along their path? What was their positive self talk that helped them through the hard times?

Then act as if you were that person. This will help you manifest your desires. Embody the characteristics of the person you are modelling. Behave this way in your life now, adopt the mindset of that person you want to become.

This works because the body follows where the mind leads. If you struggle at first with this technique, just keep trying. You will know when it is working because positive self talk will become more natural and spontaneous.

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Letting Go of the Need to be Mothered

being mothered

Many men and women unconsciously collaborate in maintaining domination by men. One of the factors at the heart of this is men's need to be mothered by women. For the situation to change men need to let go of this need.

Why is it that men continue to allow women to mother them? Why is it that men do not seem to be able to move beyond their childhood? Why is it that so many men refuse to take on the level of maturity needed to let go of this need?

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The Forgiveness Process

legendary living forgiveness process

with Chris Howard

The power of forgiveness is really felt in the lifting of energetic emotional energy that people carry around like baggage. Learning about “Forgiveness” is one of the major keys to a healthy relationship. These recordings are from a closed eye transformation process at a seminar called “Breakthrough To Success” which was one of the personal development programs of Christopher Howard. Enjoy and use them.

What On Earth Is A Good Man? (And What Is The Good Men Project All About?)

Being good means going beyond what you feel inside himself into what you feel about the world outside. I explore just what that means.

I write stories about myself that relate to my essence as a man. I draw parallels for other men that might help them to look at the issues they face in a different, more powerful, way. This is a superficial view of the columns I write; on a deeper level I am exploring my world and challenging it.

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My Decade of Freedom Before Middle Class Life Drew Me Back

I remembers the 60’s and 70’s, my years of rebellion, and how they ended up in the power of marriage, parenthood and ordinary life.

I left school in 1966 and I am now 66 years old. This seems to me a great reason to celebrate my decade of freedom that started that year, nearly 50 years ago. It was the year The Beach Boys released the album ‘Pet Sounds’, The Doors released their eponymous album and John Lennon met Yoko Ono leading to the end of live concerts by The Beatles and their break-up. The Vietnam War was causing chaos, almost revolution, in America, but it didn’t really enter my consciousness.

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The Lesson of the Wall: Why My Anger Looked Different to Me from The Inside Than It Did on the Outside

I often felt the urge to exert control, the need to get people to listen to me. What happened when I resorted to violence to be in charge?

I left home and school at the age of eighteen and went off to work in the theatre, far away from home. I was rebelling against what I felt was a restrictive background. I was shy, not at all sure of myself, and not in control of myself.

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