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Change is a crucial part of development and transformation in fact it is the core element. It is how you grow in the world both personally and spiritually, how you become a different, and better, person. Staying the same is not an option, that stifles you and holds you back. The Sat Purusha site focuses on change as an essential part of life, the essential part of life. I believe that without it life grinds to a halt and you slowly die, this is a process that most people want to avoid. But most people are scared of change and do anything to avoid it, anything at all. They believe that it will disturb their life and confuse them, they fear what that means. On here you find out how beneficial it can be and how to go about it, what processes are helpful, and what direction to take. Most of all you will learn how it can change you into a better person, into the person you have always wanted to be. Bring it on.