How I Connected With The Soul Of The Universe

the soul of the universe

In my years of seeking I had a feeling that my life was about more than just living in the period from birth to death.

I have been seeking all my life. I have always had this sense of looking for my home, my refuge. It has not been through a sense of lack or need, but through a sense of destiny. I have spent many years on this journey and then a few years ago I found what I was seeking. I love the story of Santiago, in ‘The Alchemist’, who travels to find a treasure he dreams about. On the way he learns to listen to his heart and that his Personal Legend, his heart’s desire, is part of the Soul of the Universe.

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As A Writer I Had To Find My Writing Voice – To Become A Writer

At the beginning of 2011 I said to myself, "I am now a writer". The easy part was over. I now set about finding my writing voice. I had to understand how to use my experience and learning.

I entered the third third of my life and started my third career. I have previously been a theatre lighting designer and an architectural lighting designer. These are both creative professions, so I thought it would be easy to become a writer.

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Honour Your Shadow And Change The World

My background is in lighting design. I have spent many years designing lighting for buildings such as museums and cathedrals and, in the process, influencing and improving people's lives.

Through this I have come to understand the totality of what light means to us all, both as a physical entity and as a spiritual concept. Light is the most basic thing in our lives.

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The Secret of Being Successful

Success was an important part of my life for many years. In many ways it still is, but it seems different now, more about me, inside, more about the secret of being successful..

As a designer I worked hard, networked, marketed, designed. I sought the approval of my peers, and the money of my clients. I loved it, but was I passionate? I’m not so sure about that.

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