Four Ways Of Changing Your View Of Reality That Will Improve Your Life

You see the world through your perceptions, when you change your perceptions your world will change.

The idea that you create your own reality is one that comes from beyond the new-age love of the law of attraction. In yoga philosophy, it is not said that you create your reality but that you create your experience of reality. This is a crucial distinction that is worth exploring. The way you view the world around you reveals the filter through which you see the world. You have created this filter through your reactions to the various life events that you have lived through.

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How To Love A Woman Course

Transform Your View Of Yourself

Have the courage and strength to see your life as one that is worth living, worth enjoying and worth creating something from. This course will transform your view of yourself, transform how much you love yourself and develop your ability to be the man you really are. It will develop your ability to be authentic and to grow the masculinity that is already inside you.

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The Forgiveness Process

with Chris Howard

The power of forgiveness is really felt in the lifting of energetic emotional energy that people carry around like baggage. Learning about “Forgiveness” is one of the major keys to a healthy relationship. These recordings are from a closed eye transformation process at a seminar called “Breakthrough To Success” which was one of the personal development programs of Christopher Howard. Enjoy and use them.

To Be A Man – My Transformation As A Man

Being a man is about “having the courage”, not so much in the traditional sense used in wartime, but in the ability to expose yourself and feel the certainty of your self-knowledge.

I wrote My Story last week. It’s an overview of my life, as I see it now, maleness to manhood, to be a man.

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Energy of the Universe – Does it Transform Us?

Nelson Mandela’s presence is an example to men everywhere. His focus and dedication in the face of his incarceration seems almost super-human. Men, when they ‘get it’ can be amazingly powerful, but how do they get there?

Is sexual polarity the spark that brings men and women together, that catches the energy of the universe, if so how and why?

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