2021-06-17 Free Writing

A 1000 words of free writing, edited for errors.

Start here and let the juices flow. This is writing for the sake of writing, something I want to get back to, something I want to flood myself with. Writing, and its companion reading, is something I have always loved, but is also something I have always been scared of. I am never quite convinced that I am a writer so I hide away from it. When I get an inspiration, I write. When I don't, I don't. That is not how a writer behaves, that is going to change.

The point of this exercise is to lay down 1,000 words a day that have no specific connection to any of my writing projects, this takes away the need to work out what project to work on and which particular part to focus on. It leaves me free to write without hesitation for around half an hour. I want to know what that feels like on a daily basis. It is not a journal, nor a set of posts or articles. It is just pieces of writing that relates to nothing other than what flows from my mind.

So this piece is about nothing. I am trying to get my mind to cease to focus on what I am going to write and open itself up to get the words to flow. I have done this before and I know the words can and will flow if I get myself out of the way. I am eternally fascimated by the extent of this. There are words in my mind that come from somewhere, somewhere that is an endless pit of words and expression.

I have always loved reading and have built up an amazing store of read books and articles. I love the english language and know that you can express anything you want with it. The shades of expression and the graduations of meaning are limitless in their depth and width. I can never get to the end of exploring them.

I am now a third of the way through my 1,000 words after about 15 minutes. Time to speed up and open myself up to what I have not yet really considered, the true freeflow of words. Words as an expression of my true soul, words as an expression of the real me. Recently I have come closer to my true soul than perhaps at any time in my life. My soul is my core, my heart. It represents who I am in my depth. This incoporates my masculinity and my character. Who I am...

I have spent many years on this planet, in this life, always growing and reaching to the light. As the light shifts, in my mind, my direction shifts. Just as a plant bends and turns to face the light. I am a sunflower opening and turning towards the sun. As the sun comes up I open my flower and soak up the rays. My mind is the flower. It opens as the light of understanding starts shining. I seek understanding and respond to it.

Is what I see and understand always the truth? That is a good question. The truth is a variable quality that is never the same for different people. I have my truth, others have theirs. That seems to deny the meaning of truth; that which represents what actually happened, what is actually the case. This suggests that truth is not truth at all, but can be seen as opinion or view. Agreeing to disgaree is not acceptable to me. Let's just all sit in our own bubbles and comfort ourselves with our approach to the world and what happens—NO!.

It surely is important that we all commit to sharing our views and perspectives in order to reach a consensus of sorts on what is really true. Yes we all see things with our own eyes, but if we accept that these views can never be more than partial then surely we can approach one another and work to assess what is going on.

This is what my approach to reading and writing is. Explore other worlds and other peoples' approaches. In turn, in writing, my desire is to explore my own world and my approach to the external world within which I live. In sharing it through the written, and published, page I am willing to let others see my perspective and possibly incorporate it into their own wordview.

This is a big issue! What do I think and, even more importantly, why? What is my relation to the world out there and the people in it? To what extent do I grow if I isolate myself from the world as opposed to incorporating myself within it? These are deep questions that need to be answered and explored in print. I am committed to working through issues such as these and putting my thoughts and ideas out there. I am no longer afraid of how people might or will react. This is me, this is me...

I have a right to have a perspective as long as I am willing to listen to the perspectives of others.

Where is this going to lead? What is going to be the result? That I don't know and don't want to speculate on. I am developing my writing muscle. It has remained dromant for too long. I had a period a few years ago when I became quite prolific. I then let it go, I became scared of what was happening and retreated into my shell. No longer, I am back.

I am writing. I am formulating the output of my soul. It's exciting to see, over time, what will result, where it will go. I am up for the journey, excited to be going on it. The road ahead is long and lonely. The writer who suggested this idea has been doing it for 25 years. Ths is an amazing number of words, quite daunting to think about.

1,000 words - 35-40 minutes...