Personal Practice in Yoga

After what J said today about the importance of personal practice, this is a framework for a post about it.

After what J said today about the importance of personal practice.

Why a Yoga Practice

The difference between a class and personal practice

How to create a personal practice

time, space, equipment, books, videos
intention, limits

Yoga Style and Sequences

Meditation and Pranayama

How to build it into your life

How to maintain a practice

The results


Self-discipline is not a restriction: it’s a path to freedom.
Joseph Rain

Asana variations are not just for people with specific physical problems. They can help all yoga practitioners remain open to discovery.
T.K.V. Desikachar


Developing a personal yoga self practice

We feel that when we teach we want people to get this so much that we eventually won’t be needed. That someone has developed the ability to confidently practice by themselves is a major success for us. Even if they don’t come to us anymore and they practice at home we see it as no loss, but the practitioner’s own gain.
Stillpoint Yoga

Personal Yoga Practice: It’s the Main Course, Not a Side Dish

Developing a personal yoga practice is the difference between practicing yoga as an exercise and adopting it as a lifestyle.
Sherry Roberts