Why I Practice Yoga At Home Every Day

I have spent years trying to build a daily practice of yoga, with little success. Going to a yoga class every day proved to be impractical and too expensive for me.

So how did I eventually achieve it and why did I expend all the effort in trying to create it? What does it mean to me to get onto the mat every day and practice? What dod I change to make it happen? How did I get over all the obstacles I put in the way of achieving this?



I have been working towards having a daily yoga practice for many years. Finding the time to do it was always the major problem. The other one was actually remembering to do it! That may seem a little strange if it was so important to me, but I now know that forgetting it was a sub-conscious response to feeling that I was not able to do it.

I am absorbed with the universal power of Yoga. Through it my practice dispels the darkness that comes from the absence of knowledge. From it I dwell within the heart of my Soul with the light of knowledge that glows like the sun. My yoga practice protects and nourishes me. I work with deep energy that enlightens me and results in peace and harmony for me and those around me.

This is what I say out loud before my Yoga practice every day. It encapsulates why I do it and what it means to me.